Cracking it with Claw !

If in the mood to have a fun night in town, you know that Claw BBQ is the right choice, when you see groups of high-spirited people spread throughout the restaurant. That too on a Monday night

From colourful paraphernalia in the form of starand-stripes flag to fairy lights and fishing nets enveloping the walls and ceiling, while the interior was made livelier with quirky slogans and neon signs plastering the walls, an in-house Rodeo style mechanical bull and of course, the all-American jukebox in a corner.baked potato

Be sure to commence your meal with the Jalapeno Poppers. Served with tangy and spicy ranchero sauce .We wished the menu came with a disclaimer that these bite sized snacks were irresistible as we could not stop biting into them, even though every bite into the crispy and thin golden crust with hot cheese oozing into our mouths, instantly threw us on a guilt trip.

The excitement started when we decided to indulge in the signature Snow Crab Bucket (AED 240). Now eating this is like a feat – from the act of the waitresses tying plastic bibs on to us, to explaining the use of various metal tools, to trying to use these implements to break through the shells of the crustaceans and get to the meat – it is an adventure! And the result is fresh and flavorsome white meat that truly tastes of the ocean – something that can only be tasted and cannot be truly described however hard you try.

Lastly, the loaded baked potato is such a treat to the mouth, it arrives at your table piping hot, deliciously cheesy and with an overload of sour cream and bacon- we were asking for more!

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Cracking it with Claw !