Easy Vegan Recipes

Always wondered how would a life of a vegan be that includes eating things that dairy-free, meat-free and egg-free. Here are a collection of hearty, healthy and downright delicious vegan recipes for those pesky vegans( Always running out of vegan recipes) and beginner vegans.


1) Vegan Chocolate Tart with Salted Oat Crust

Don’t worry about the butter because it is replaced with coconut oil. Now that is a healthy indulgence.vegan recipes , vegan food

2) Grilled Mushrooms and Carrots with Sesame

The umami taste of the mushroom is a fantastic medley with the sweetness of the carrots.

3) Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Oh come on! You don’t need to give up your favorite Mexican treat just because you are vegan! It’s best eaten when topped up with salsa

4) Vegan Chocolate chip cookies 

You won’t even need to worry before you indulge in these!
vegan diet

5) Enchilada Zucchini boats

Make this on a whim! Try not sticking to the recipe, experiment with different ingredients in your kitchen. Make it as colorful as you can!
vegan diet


6) Roasted Teriyaki Mushrooms & Broccolini soba noodles 

This meaty, crispy textured and well-flavored medley will surely make for a hearty meal. Go ahead and give mushrooms once more try!
vegan diet

7) Black Bean Quinoa Burgers

Perfect for your upcoming bbq evening parties. What say?

8) The Vegan Buddha Bowl

Keeps you full for a long few hours. And it has all the right things needed for your body.
vegan diet

9) Sweet Potato Coconut Curry

It is savory, earthy, heartwarming and creamier than them all!
vegan diet

10) Vegan Fried Rice

Easy peasy with the use of under 10 ingredients. You have got to give this one a try!

vegan recipes


Let me know what you guys think about these! Leave a comment with some great vegan recipes that you would like me to try out!





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Easy Vegan Recipes