Marco’s Italian | Minimalist Goodness

You don’t need tons of veggies or meat to be slathered over your pizza or pasta to make it a good Italian experience. What you really need is minimalistic toppings and that is exactly where Marco’s strikes right!

Italian Chef Marco Ghezzi heads the kitchen at Marco’s Authentic Italian Kitchen, the newest venture of Pyramids at Wafi in dining scene. This newly opened venture in the Wafi Pyramids promises an authentic Italian experience. No! They do not use “Authentic” and other fancy words with the intention of luring audiences – they  mean it  and it is evident in the food itself.

Brace yourself before you enter, because the ambiance is nothing short of exceptional. Again, it is is minimal done up with single bulbs hanging over every table while, the staff is warm as any Saturday’s afternoon tea party.


Start off with their bread along with butter that melts right through it and the freshness exuded reminds you of your friend’s grandmom’s homemade food that you never had. Wine pairing and food is become quite common in Dubai’s dining scene but at Marco’s they know their wines and will make sure you pick up two or three names before you go home!

Don’t miss out on their PIZZA! I repeat! Do not! Made in a hybrid oven – wood and gas – the earthy woody taste in the pizzas are worth it! Calling in for one more wouldn’t hurt you ( Mind you, the gym wouldn’t cry either). Gnocci has been my favorite for quite some time now. Their Gnocci, cooked in a light chestnut sauce is everything that the God’s up there were preparing for the last thousand of years. I certainly got lucky getting to try God’s own food. Creamy, yet so light , I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!



The lasagne can take a miss. It was well prepared no doubt – But I just wish it was immersed in more of the sauce, every bite was getting dry which seemed to mess up my Italian taste buds!

Desserts – Well, Tiramisu was crying for me, and I opted exactly for that! Nothing really beats a well prepared tiramisu! What is a well prepared tiarmisu; you may ask! Darling it is simple as it gets and that is what that makes it beautiful!

Another good try is the salami chocolate rolls. Taking it’s name and style influence from the fish salami itself, the inside which is biscuits rolls in, is supposed to take after the white inner flesh of the salami while the outer is the darker side of the salami – pretty cool huh?


Don’t miss out on this , there is a reason it is in Wafi Pyramids and you really don’t want to go there when it is gets popular and crowded!

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Marco’s Italian | Minimalist Goodness