20 Best places to eat Momos in Dubai

Dubai is a food lover’s paradise, offering a diverse range of cuisines and dishes from around the world. One of the most popular snacks in Dubai is momos, a type of dumpling that originated in Nepal but has become a beloved dish in many parts of the world. If you’re looking for the best places to try momos in Dubai, here are 20 top-rated spots:

*The places below are not arranged by any ranking

1. Wow Momos

With several locations across Dubai, Wow Momos is a popular chain that offers a wide variety of momos, including vegetarian, chicken, and beef options.

2. Momo & More

Located in Karama, Momo House is a local favorite for its delicious chicken and vegetable momos. Not only that, they even have sizzler momos and momo burgers!

3. Yalla Momos

One of the first of its kind that was opened in Dubai. Right from chicken Momos, Shrimp Momos, Buff Momos, Mutton Momos all the way to sweeter desserts of Apple pie Momos, choco brownie momos – they have it all!


4. Real Momos

One of our personal favorites. With conventional stuffings, they also have special spin-offs such as Afghani, Schewan and Tandoori momos that are absolute killers!

5. Himalayan Restaurant

Tucked in the hidden roads of Bur Dubai, Himalayam Restaurant serves up delicious Nepalese and Indian fare, with their momos being a must-try.

6. Tasty momos

Located in the newest Central mall in Bur Dubai, Tasty momos definitely provides a quick fix when you are craving momos.

7. Momos Panda

You absolutely need to check out their Kurkure, Peri Peri and Chilli Chicken Momos!

8. That Place Restaurant

Serving over 48 varieties of momos, That Place serves momos is all forms – veg, non-veg, steamed, fried, Afghani-style, or the utterly Butter Tadka momos

9. Muma’s Momos

Taking Dubai by storm, this kid-friendly spot has a permanent spot in Lulu, Al Barsha in the food court. They have some interesting flavours like Karak momos, Tofu & Packchoy Momos and Paneer Tikka Masala

10. Via Delhi

You wouldn’t have guessed this one! Apart from their smacking North Indian dishes, they have a variety of delicious momos – either fried, steamed or tandoori!

11. Tum Tum Asia

Known for its Veg Asian food, they also do lovely momos that you can find in their cute little restaurant tucked away in Oud Metha.

12. Darjeeling Cafe

Another one of our favorite! Apart from great momos, do try their wai wai chaat and chowmein!

13. Momo House

Situated in Sharjah, Momo House is a specialty momo shop that offers a range of unique flavors, including butter chicken, chili paneer, and tandoori chicken momos.

14. Khyber Mandi

This Pakistani restaurant in Al Karama is known for its biryanis, but their beef momos are also a hit with customers.

15. Everest Express

Everest Express is a Nepalese and Indian restaurant that offers delicious vegetable, chicken, and beef momos.

16. Chaat Masala

This restaurant in Karama specializes in Indo-chinese cuisine and also has some of the creamiest and achari momos!

17. Taste of Nepal

Found in Sharjah again, Taste of Nepal is a cozy restaurant that offers a range of Nepalese dishes, including delectable momos filled with chicken, beef, or vegetables.

18. Moshi

One of our favorites in Dubai. They have some insane flavours like their Pero Pero Chicken and Cheese Mushroom momos

19. Namaste Restaurant

Specializing in Nepalese cuisine, you need to visit and try their momo platter to get a taste of their authentic momos

20. Yum Momos

Apart from the standard momos, they also have wheat momos, butter chicken and KFC-inspired momos!

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20 Best places to eat Momos in Dubai