Why should you solo travel at least once in your lifetime

I recall my first solo trip like it happened just yesterday! My first solo trip happened the last year 2016, end of September to SEYCHELLES. After getting myself a job, slogging through it like every other corporate slave I really did think I deserved a break and I have always wanted to experience a place all by myself. Why did I do that? How did I have the courage? My Inspirations? Was it safe? How did I choose where to go? So many questions but I will give you reasons why it is important to go out of your comfort zone and travel alone at least once in your lifetime.

  1. You don’t need to work according to anyone’s likes, dislikes, timings, etc.
    It’s true! You have complete authority and freedom to choose where/ what/ how you want to plan your trip. Forget compromising, forget an itinerary where you have to accommodate someone else points of interest. Just wear those adventure shoes and set on your journey. ( All you planners should avoid planning and attempt at going with the flow)
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  2. You are going to meet really interesting people
    Travelling is a wonderful way to meeting new people and making new friends. You might be terrified at first but believe it or not when you are alone you are easily approachable and it is easier to approach people. People are nicer than you think they are! And.. Super interesting that come from different walks of life!
  3. It’s Empowering
    You get over your fears, you become smarter, you try things you never thought you would, you get out of your comfort zone! All these things give you a sense of empowerment which is so strong and fulfilling
  4. You learn to become your best company
    A solo trip changes aspire you to spend significant time with yourself which is surprisingly a lot of fun! Listen to the tunes of your dreams, listen to your heartbeat, watch a sunset, feel the sand seep between your toes and take time to be grateful for this beautiful life! Trust me, taking a trip alone can be so powerful, introspecting and life-changing experience.Read : Things to do for free at the Pike Market, Seattle 

    There is so much that you can experience but my words won’t do any justice. It is an experience to be felt, to fall in love with; but more than that, fall in love with yourself! 🙂




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Why should you solo travel at least once in your lifetime