Cruising all the way to Alaska!

As I pen this article down I am still unable to fathom that I traveled all the way to Alaska. I read all about Alaska in Geography in 6h grade but I never really thought I would land up there, considering the long travel time from Dubai ( 13 hours to Seattle and then a day and a half on the cruise to reach the first port)

It is a surreal experience, from something simple like eating a bowl of fruits, while watching the sunset paint the sky with dazzling colors to gazing at the floating iceburgs. One trip, each and all of you, should have on your bucket list!

Every day on the cruise is a different day. For all those who think you would end up getting bored on the  cruise, you will think again after reading my article. One thing I realized after having explored Alaska for over a week, is that there is something irrevocably captivating about nature, and it is exactly the time youPorts that it  thank the poor satellite signals and high internet package rates on the cruise for the reasons of being able to ditch your phones.

Which ports does the cruise dock at and points of interest?


This is the first port it docks at after 1 day at sea, ketchikan is the first town we hit of our wonderful cruise to Alaska.  It is a very small town consisting of only 8,245 people.

Points of interest 

  • Totem Bright State Historic Park – It is a 33 acre park covered with Totems. Totems are wooden carved poles that are hand made and crafted by skilled individuals. Totems are reflections of symbolic characters

  • Creek Street – It is a small town, so creek street is barely a 10-minute walk from the port your ship docks at. Creek street is a histroic area of ketchikan, Alaska. It is mounted on stilts on high slopes and is also infamously known as Alaska’s “Red light district” As you walk down the street, take in the all the colors that spring up in front of your eyes in form of nature, waterfalls and colorful houses on the slopes.


2) Jeneau

The capital city of Alaska – this city is so popular for its naturistic views, hiking trails and wildflowers.

Points of interest

  • Mendenhall Glacier – A glacier that is 13.6 miles long, the trail towards the glacier is worth your time, long walk complaints and almost losing your breadth.

  • Mount Roberts Tramway – Giving you an aerial view of the entire city – all you can wish for when you get off here is tons of sunshine. No body likes a rainy day  ( the pictures come out bad, haha)
  • Tracy Arm – is a fjord in Alaska, near Jeneau. Our Emerald princess cruise stopped over here for around 2 hours before heading to jeneau. The shop rotates 360 degrees to give you a good view of the glacier. A stunning passage leading your way to the glacier, you will notice a lot of iceburgs floatong on the water and sealions clumsiy perching on top of rocks. Worth the early alarm clock wake-up.

3) Skagway

My favorite city of all in Alaska. It is home to gold-rush era buildings which is now preserved as part of the klondike Gold Rush National Historical park

Points of interest

  • The White Pass & Yukon Railroad tour – One of the most popular tours in Skagway for it’s spectacular views of ice-capped mountains, green vegetation and summer wildflowers blooming. You can either go on a tour by train or buses.





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Cruising all the way to Alaska!