18 Women-owned restaurants in Dubai

Who run the world? Girls! Who run the world? Girls! We have rounded some of the best eating spots in Dubai that are solely owned and run by women!

1. Kinoya

Number one on our list is this fairly new kid on block – Kinoya! Led by Neha, who once run a supper club at home now has her own restaurant. Serving authentic Japanese cuisine.


2. Amazonico

Located in DIFC, this Latin American restaurant is on of the hottest spots in town. Set on three levels and designed to give you the Amazon ambience, each level delivers a different vibe.


3. Bol Gappa

Think Bollywood, think Bol Gappa. Run by an ex banker, they are known to serve a range of soups, curries, noodles and more.


4. Café Isan

An award-winning restaurant, Café Isan is run by Lisa Knight and chef New. It is widely known fiery isan-style dishes that are big on taste and small on the wallet.


5. Pitfire

A popular pizza joint famous for its New York style pizzas is run by Michele Johnson and her husband.


6. Salt

This might come as a surprise but yes, Salt is owned and run by Amal Al Marri and Deem AlBassam. They started with just sliders and now branches their menu with several exciting food items.


7. Tania’s Teahouse

Another insta-friendly and popular café run by Tania Lodi who claims to not compromise on the morals she was raised with. Known for their pink interiors and super foods, this place is a must-visit!

8. Vietnamese Foodies

From being a newbie in Dubai who simply ran cooking lessons to now a popular restaurant owner, Lily How Nguyen has come a long way in her culinary journey.

9. Moreish

An absolute must-visit, especially for vegetarian and vegan enthusiasts. It is gaining popularity among residents for its redefinition of food, run by a mother-daughter duo!

10. Tashas

Having numerous restaurants spread across Dubai, Natasha Sideris (owner) is now a popular and big name on Dubai’s food scene.

11. She Burger

Established by Emirati entrepreneur, Shaikha Eissa in 2017, this place has gained a huge popularity. Visit them and experience their unique and creative take on burgers.

12. 21 Grams

A cute spot based in Jumeirah has now soared to huge heights and is known for its authentic flavors that shine through from their family recipes.

13. Bolla

A new Italian restaurant headed by chef Pina Mangiapia, says the kitchen is a great place to put your creativity to good use. Nothing brings her more joy than presenting her flavorful dishes.

14. Boon Coffee Roasters

Started by Orit Mohammed, Boon Coffee brings authentic Ethiopian coffee beans to Dubai and has grown to be a popular coffee joint by locals and residents.

15. Crumb & Co

Specialized in unique donuts, this bakery is run by Annika D’Souza who serves small batches of donuts in various flavors. They’re fresh, flavorful and delicious!

16. Fi’lia

This is Dubai’s first fully female-led Italian Mediterranean restaurant started by a 25-year old chef, Sara Aqel. The name is derived from the word Italian word figlia, translated to daughter. Their unique concept features a menu that is divided into three parts – Grandma’s recipes, mama’s recipes and the daughter’s.

17. Maiz Tacos

A cute taco spot set up by Luma Makhouf. She started with Maiz Tacos food truck and later took the plunge with her partner to open up their first restaurant. They have been thriving ever since!

18. Mitts & Trays

Run by the first female Emirati chef patron, Amna Al Hashemi, she now has two Mitts & Trays branches in Dubai.


Contributed by Ray D’silva

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18 Women-owned restaurants in Dubai