24 hours shisha places in Dubai

Who doesn’t like chilling with friends late at night when the entire Dubai is sleeping ( sorry I meant awake). You like Shisha, I like shisha, we all like shisha. Here is a list of 24 hours shisha places in Dubai! Enjoy!

1. Classikeyat
One of the very famous late night joints that serves Shisha. Located in Karama, don’t except loud music in this particular restaurant, it’s best for when you and your squad want to have a chilled quiet night out. The lemon mint shisha is the most raved about here! Try it out for yourself

2. Cello Restaurant & Cafe
A convenient neighbourhood cafe, one of the much-loved 24 hours shisha places in Dubai, their combination of good food, not so expensive prices and shisha is an absolute winner! Try their beirut Hummus, super yum!

3. Shisha Lounge Cafe

Personally, one of my favorite place that served 24 hours shisha in Dubai. Shisha Lounge Cafe is best in winters for their alfresco area is so huge and even has cabanas where you can chill around! You will usually find at least one swuad of people strumming their guitars and gathering everyone around to join their vibes. Their Mexican pizza which is a complete shocker for a shisha joint. Their Paan Rasna shisha flavour is a must try!

4. Beyrock Restaurant & Cafe
This place is kid friendly, has an outdoor area, some of the best food and great sheesha! Beyrock Restaurant & Cafe is within the locality of Deira City Centre

5. Meramar Cafe
When you enter this place it’s as if you have stumbled upon Alice in the wonderland, not for anything else but just the colorful seating. They have been in the shisha world for quite sometime and in the lane of all the sheesha cafes in Oud Metha. Did you know every Monday for the entire of 2018 they are giving Ladies free shisha? Come on Ladies, time to freak out!

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6. Picolo Mondo Bay, Dubai Marina
If cafes will just not cut it for you, brace yourselves for Picolo Mondo. Having three brances in Dubai, these are all 24 hours shisha places in Dubai. Arabic, Turkish, Lebanese, Japanese or Mexican cuisine – You name your pick and they have it all! Part and parcel of Picolo Mondo is it’s ritzy looking ambience.

7. La Gaufrette, Barsha Heights
How about indulging in a variety of Gaufres ( Waffles) while having your favorite shisha in one of the best localities in town? La Gaufrette has three branches but the Barsha Heights branch is the only one that is opened for 24 hours.

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24 hours shisha places in Dubai