24 hours restaurants in Dubai

24 Hours restaurants in Dubai – Yep, you got it!

Let’s be honest, Dubai has completely spoilt us choice, every single time. They do it once again by having a number of restaurants that are opened for straight 24 hours. This is especially amazing for the late night hawkers and even more because Ramadan is right here. These are even some of the cheapest and affordable 24 hours restaurants in Dubai!

Being jetalgged for over a week  after my really awesome trip in New york, I have developed a taste for late night dining

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Here is the list of 24 hours restaurants in Dubai!

  1. Al Reef – This is one of the most obvious and popular 24 hours restaurant in Dubai. For years, we have been depending on this restaurant to curb our cravings for some sassy cheese and Zaatar Manakeesh. Whether you go in for breakfast or for Dinner, you are always treated by a rustic setup, a speedy delivery and the fact that it is one of the most cheap and fulfilling restaurants in Dubai.


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  2. Zaroob –  Inspired by street vendors in the Levant region, my Family and me discovered this as part of the 24 hours restaurants in Dubai ages back and fell in love! Their motto is simple – they focus on delivering wholesome, home-cooked food to a modern crowd!
    The best part about this joint on Sheikh Zayed Road is that they have an open kitchen at the ground level. It is super fascinating to  the food from the first stage until it reaches your plate, piping hot!
    Apart from the basics, do try their Kosari and Kraft with Honey for the perfect ending!wheresachi-24HoursRestaurantsInDubai-ZaroobDubai
  3. Denny’s – How would you fancy breakfast for dinner? or how about milkshakes at 7 in the morning? Maybe, some cheesy huge hamburgers or handpressed sandwiches? Well, lucky for all of us, because this American Diner, is one of the 24 hours restaurants in Dubai. Good, American, Wholesome food – here we come!wheresachi-24HoursRestaurantsInDubai-DennysDubai
  4. Kulcha King  Nothing like a Mixed Vegetable Kulcha with a side of mint chutney and pickle at 3 in the morning! Pretty sure you can cheat on your diet for one day?They also have their versions of Tacos, pies and wraps. Oh god! Pretty sure your North Indian side is howling with happiness.wheresachi-24HoursRestaurantsInDubai-KulchaKing
  5. Al Shami Restaurant – Are you craving for authentic Lebanese food late in the night? Guess what Shami restaurant is here to curb your late night cravings? Not opened for 24 hours, but they shut at 4am which is good enough, yes? Try their crispy falafels, mixed grills, creamy hummus and hot breads. Definitely one of the cheap restaurants in town for that hunger fix.
  6. Green City Restaurant  Okay, let’s face it not all of us are satisfied with hummus and bread at night, some of us are die hard Indian food fans. How would you feel about Butter chicken, chicken curry or butter paneer masala at the oddest hour of the night? Of course, you are going to love it. Green City has 3 outlets in Dubai and it is opened for 24 hours. They even have early morning breakfast which includes some of the South Indian favorites like Dosa, Uttapam and Idlis.
  7. Sind Punjab – Rings a bell? Definitely one of the cheap restaurants in Dubai where you can gorge on North Indian Specialities alongside piping hot,creamy utterly butterly naans. It is tucked away in the cobbled lanes of Meena Bazaar. This place has been a childhood favorite for over 20 years.
    They don’t fall under the 24 hours restaurants in Dubai bracket but they close their doors at 4 am and reopen at 6am even though delivery websites might say otherwise.If you do end up visiting Old Dubai, do visit them during early evening to savour the best Pani Puri in town. Trust me, there will be no going back. In my world of favorites, Sind Punjab definitely comes in the top 10 best restaurants in Dubai for that budget friendly pocket.wheresachi-24HoursRestaurantsInDubai-SindPunjabDubai
  8. Hot Burger – Taking us back to our college days when we barely used to get AED 100 monthly  Hot Burger helped with keep us in budget and let us savour some great fast food bites. Some of the best things to have here are their sandwiches, shawarmas and Burgers. Whooops, lets not even forget the “Rapid weight loss” or “Liver Cure” juices concocted by them.
  9. Operation:Falafel – Another restaurant that focuses on delivering old school Arabic food that pays homage to our grandparents recipes. Furthermore, what’s great here is generous portion size – we are talking generous dollops of tahini on hummus, falafels, huge sized Manakeesh and so much more!Try out their stuffed Falafel, it’s just something else!wheresachi-24HoursRestaurantsInDubai-OperationFalafel
  10. La Farine – JW Mariott Marquis – If you are really fussy and fast food will just not cut it for you then you La Farine is the place to be! I would like to call this the Niche Cravings – Specifically the fine dining cravings! You have got your benedicts, your bubbly and roasts! Definitely not one of the cheapest places to dine, curbing your late night cravings will just be an expensive affairwheresachi-24HoursRestaurantsInDubai-LaFarineDubai

Do you know of more 24 hours restaurants in Dubai? Comment below, you know I always love hearing from you! 🙂

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24 hours restaurants in Dubai