15 Best Brownies You Have to try in Dubai!

You might have come across the popular saying “a brownie a day keeps the frownie away. Now if you’re ready to sink your teeth in some gooey and oh-so-fudgy brownies, go ahead and give this article a read!  

1. Cake Away 

Whether it’s a crownie (brownie + cookie) you crave or an indulgent brownie, Cake Away is the place for you. Made with the finest ingredients and baked fresh everyday, you’re guaranteeing yourself a sweet treat.


2. Brownie Point 

As the name suggests this is the ultimate hub for a brownie craving. Available in various flavors, Brownie Point’s brownie give you quality and affordability. 

3. Melange 

A Dubai-based bakery, Melange specializes in customized cakes. But did you know they also serve brownies? You heard right! You may not need a cake but a brownie works as quick fix. 

4. Looshi’s 

Nestled in JLT, Looshi’s strives for creativity thereby a offering a wide variety of bakery items at their cake shop in Dubai. Amongst their delicacies is the ooey-gooey brownies that is sure to melt in your mouth! 

5. Home Bakery 

If you need a quick brownie fix, Home Bakery should be your place to go. Aesthetic seating, delicious brownies and a hot cuppa – there’s no better combination than this. Available in the classic and two other flavors you can pick one based on your mood. 

6. Dip n Dip 

Combining two of your favorites, and yes you guessed it right, chocolates and brownies, Dip n dip has a wide range of brownies drenched in chocolate of your choice. Choose from milk, white and dark or have them all! 

7. Choco Monarch 

Here’s another popular spot renowned for its chocolate desserts drenched in more chocolate. You can also indulge in their brownie milkshake, guaranteed to give you that sugar rush! 

8. Freez 

If you’ve not heard of this place, let us take you out of that rock you’ve been living in. Their menu features brownies in various styles – brownie slab with an ice cream, brownie crepes, brownie pancakes and so much more!

9. Yummy in my Tummy 

Rich, decadent brownies served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream – the classic combination! What’s not to love? They also have brownies drenched in chocolate for that added oomph. 

10. Oh Fudge 

Give your taste buds a break from plain brownies and dive straight into the crazy flavors available at Oh Fudge. Whether it’s the cheesecake brownie or red velvet brownie, they have flavors that will wow you. The best part is there’s no compromise on the taste and texture of the brownie. 

11. Vego 

Love brownies and want them eggless? Vego is the place to be! Try out their decadent classic walnut brownie that is vegan yet tasty. 

13. Floe 

Floe is just one of the few places where you can have a brownie in various forms. From milkshakes to brownie fondant cakes and brownie crepes, they have it all under one roof! 

14. MM Bakes Restaurant 

New in town, they serve eggless brownies at a truly affordable price. The brownie is drizzled with more chocolate making it the ideal choice for you choco-holics 

15. Moreish

Another one that’s had a great dark chocolate fudge brownie and is completely vegan too!


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15 Best Brownies You Have to try in Dubai!