15 Best places to try burgers in Dubai

In Dubai, there are a lot of places to try amazing burgers. Whether you’re looking for a regular burger or one that’s over the top, you will definitely find something to your liking here. In order to help you further, here are the 15 best places to try burgers in Dubai.



Catch some of the best burgers in Dubai at Couquely! Although you can get amazing steak frites here as well, you should definitely try the classic American cheeseburger at Couquley! The crispy fries are worth a visit as well.


Pickl has an amzing double cheeseburger that you must try when you’re in Dubai! There are many Instagram posts about it too and it actually lives up to those photos!

Rib & Brews

When you visit Rib & Brews, you should go for their double Black Angus burger. Not only is the meat with cheddar and their special sauce amazing, but the fried egg on top is perfect to finish it.


JB’s Gastropub

The special thing about JB’s Gastropub is that they actually serve a burger with brisket on it, which is every meat-lover’s dream of course!

Good Burger

Good Burger has an amazing Portobello mushroom veggie burger that you must try during your visit to Dubai. The burger has Good’s own specialty sauce as well, which tops it off.

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café is award-winning for a reason of course. Their Black Angus steak burger with smoked bacon, an onion ring, cheddar and lettuce is amazing!

The Rose & Crown

Although their burgers are quite simple, you should totally try their standard, classic burger with delicious pub chips and a green side salad.


When you visit this food truck called SALT, you should try their deep-fried chicken slider with Spicy Cheetos sauce and Cheetos chips!


At SLAB, you should try the Koreano, which has spring onions, daikon slaw, fried chicken and a spicy mayonnaise. It’s also topped off with a yummy honey-soy sauce.

High Joint

High Joint has some of the best burgers in Dubai, like their spicy burger. This burger with fried chicken has a lot of sauce, chopped jalapeños, mango slaw and melted cheese.



When you visit GOAT, you should try the Arigato burger. It’s made with teriyaki sauce, two kinds of cheese, Japanese mayonnaise and deep-friend mushrooms.

Jones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer has gigantic burgers, like the one with wagyu meat, smoked beef bacon and cheese. They also give you the option to add more toppings, like foie gras or crispy coated brie for example.

Salt Bae Burger

Although this place is quite expensive, they have an amazing burger with wagyu beef, smoked rib-eye, cheddar cheese and caramelized onion that you must try!



One of the best burgers in Dubai, their burgers have delicious smoky undertones and are topped with some Gouda cheese, Siracha sauce and mushrooms. When you’re in Dubai, you should definitely try this Wagyu burger.

Common Grounds

If you’re looking for a good vegetarian burger, you should try the vegan burger from Common Grounds. The patty is made from chickpeas and there’s beetroot hummus, avocado, lettuce, vegan mayo and pickled onions on the burger.


What’s your take – what are your favorite burgers in Dubai?

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15 Best places to try burgers in Dubai