20 Best shawarmas in Dubai you got to try!

One of the most popular street foods in Dubai is shawarma. This is also why there are so many places in Dubai that offer this delicious dish. It can be difficult to choose between all of them so here are the 20 best shawarmas in Dubai you got to try!

Let’s have a sweep over some of the best shawarmas in town!

Al Beiruti

Al Beiruti is an amazing Lebanese restaurant with not only amazing fries and manakeesh, but delicious beef and chicken shawarma dishes as well.

Al Falamanki

After you’ve tried one of their delicious beef-filled shawarma rolls, you can try one of the many great Lebanese desserts they offer!

Al Mallah

One of the most affordable shawarma places in Dubai is Al Mallah. This doesn’t reflect on the quality though, as their tender meat shawarmas with soft bread and a delicious garlic sauce are absolutely amazing!

Al Nafoorah

You can find Al Nafoorah at Palm Jumeirah. Although it’s a bit pricier than other shawarma places, they have the best shawarma in Dubai you can find. Their shawarma is made with delicious salty pickles, smoky and tender chicken and fresh bread.


Barbar is a simple and authentic Lebanese restaurant with delicious chicken shawarma, which is even better if you order extra toum.


Beirut Bites

Not only do they serve regular shawarma, but at Beirut Bites you can also find tender beef slices with the shawarma or choose for a shawarma meal with a beetroot salad.

Eat & Drink

One of the best shawarmas in Dubai is at Eat & Drink. You can find regular as well as spicy shawarmas that are not only delicious but affordable too. They have Mexican shawarmas which are a must-try!



Did you know you can get amazing shawarma at the IKEA at Jebel Ali? They serve it with Arabic bread, salty pickles, garlic sauce and French fries.

Laffah Restaurant

This is our personal favorite and we think it is one of the best shawarmas in Dubai. The shawarma at Laffah Restaurant is made with much love and care. You and your family will definitely love their spicy and sweet shawarma! Ask for spicy and with extra garlic for their extra tinge! And don’t forget their potato slices as sides, oh you will love!

Metro Falcon Restaurant

At the Metro Falcon Restaurant, you will not only find delicious shawarmas, but amazing beef stroganoff and Indian breakfasts as well, which gives its visitors plenty of things to choose from.


Shiraz Nights

Shiraz Nights can be found at Deira and they serve an amazing spicy chicken shawarma with chili-garlic toum and tomato. You can order some delicious pomegranate juice with your meal as well.

Al Ijaza Cafeteria

On the menu of the Al Ijaza Cafeteria, you will not only find delicious shawarmas, but other affordable snacks and multi-colored juices as well. They serve amazing fruit cocktails as well!

Al Mandaloun

If you want to try more authentic Lebanese meals than just shawarma, you should visit Al Mandaloun and try their lamb shawarma with veggies and fries.

Al Safadi

Al Safadi has multiple branches in Dubai so you can always try their shawarma. If you want to try something new, go for their chicken shawarma with hummus.

Bebabel (15)

Bebabel is located on Fashion Avenue and it offers not only great shawarma, but great views of the Burj Khalifa tower as well, which explains their more expensive prices.

Farouj Fawaz

When you go to Farouj Fawaz, you should order their hummus shawarma! If you still have room for more, you can try their broasted potato as well, which is healthier than French fries, but still delicious.

Operation Falafel

Besides other typical middle-eastern foods, you can find delicious shawarma here as well. You can choose between their chicken shawarma with pickles and their beef shawarma with grilled tomato and onion.


If you want to try vegan shawarma, go to Mantoushe. They make great vegetarian shawarma with Lebanese pickles, tomatoes and a delicious tahini sauce.


Shawarma Station

This is one of the best places for shawarmas in Dubai. They have multiple chains throughout Dubai as well, so you can always find one.



At S’wich, they don’t just serve traditional shawarma, but they serve gourmet shawarma. Try their Smoking Chicken Castro for example.


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20 Best shawarmas in Dubai you got to try!