Brunching at the Urban Picnic | Vida Hotel Downtown


Most of the brunches I have gone to, are definitely amazing, filling and offer colossal varieties of food from every corner of the world. But none of them were close enough to the one I recently went to in Vida downtown Hotel’s URBAN PICNIC BRUNCH at the 3 in 1 restaurant.

You start with getting yourself a cute-not-so-little basket ( just like you would if you went to a picnic) and grab all the things from the variety of food counters and put it inside. Such a fun way of brunching – isn’t it?



I obviously started with dessert! No just kidding! ( I wish, but I was being a good girl ),  I started with the feta and watermelon salad that are encased in these cute little mason jars ( was super convenient and less messier) and the cheese fondue *heavy breathing*.

With every buffet there are hits and misses and here goes mine..


  1. The cheese fondue – To many places I have gone, the cheese has always been cold, I love my fondue warm, just the way it’s supposed to be. It was creamy and just about right.
  2. Blueberry smoothie shots – This is why I wouldn’t get full since smoothies are filling and they were presented in these mini Coco Cola sort of bottles.
  3. ALL THE DESSERTS– But my personal favourites were definitely the macaroons and chcocolate mousse
  4.  Main course – Chicken Biryani – Nothing novel, but they got all the basics right and that’s where the flavours and fun is.
  5. The cheese variety – don’t want to say much about this or else I would be too cheesy ( No really I couldn’t stop with the cheese puns after the amount of cheese I had consumed)



  1.  Main Course – The chicken Tikka skewers. It just wasn’t cooked right and was not exactly the best of the lot.
  2. The staff may be a little confused at time – but everyone is only human.

All in all, I would definitely recommend ditching your outdoor plans for picnics. Instead, go over to the Urban Picnic Brunch, pick up a basket and start your fun adventure while you sip one ( maybe 5 in my case) glasses of wine.


Where : Vida Downtown Hotel : 3 in 1 restaurant

Price : AED 295 inclusive of unlimited soft beverages and juices | AED 345 inclusive of unlimited selected hops and grape | Additional AED 100 per guest for a poolside cabana and pool access.

Time: 1.00pm to 5.00pm

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Brunching at the Urban Picnic | Vida Hotel Downtown