A 5 day budget trip to Banglore, Mysore and Coorg.


A 5-day budget trip to Banglore, Mysore and Coorg – yes I actually did it! It was amazing, fulfilling, soul-endearing and one of the best budget travel getaways from Dubai that I have taken! I really wanted to take a trip since I was turning 21 and I wanted to kick-start the start to the big number in a special way.

Since, I wasn’t really allowed to take a solo trip at that time so I planned the trip with my best friend who joined me in Banglore from Pune. The itinerary planned was absolutely perfect for a short weekend getaway!


My best friend did this for me when I arrived at the Banglore Airport

This blog post is all about what we did, duration spent at each place, budget alternatives for stay and of course best food places.

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     : Be it the inspiring dining scene, the vibrant nightlife, heritage site or India’s IT hub, there is something, particularly for the twenty-something people to do in Bangalore. When we first arrived, I was advised by many people to live in Koramanagala, being a food fanatic and a party person, it is the best place to be in Banglore. We booked a OYO room, we barely paid Rs 1000 per night which is really really really cheap. Oyo is one of the most renowned budget stays in India if you prefer that over hostel stays. Most of the Oyo rooms have WIFI, clean bedrooms and hot water. What else do you need if you would be crashing anyways? Book your Oyo room here.   This one is in Koramangla, if you are more of a person inclined towards the nightlife, Indira Nagar is your best bet! You can book the OYO room for that here

So, where do you eat?

Ideally, you should book your flight tickets from wherever you are departing from straight to Banglore and then continue the journey to Mysore and Coorg. Spend one and a half/two days in Banglore if you like and here are the things you can do in Banglore.

Now Banglore is food heaven for many and trust me I wouldn’t deny it even for a bit, I am not a South Indian food fan but when in Banglore make sure you check out the oldest, regal restaurant established in Banglore  MTR AKA Mavalli Tiffin Rooms ( Yeah, pretty sure you didn’t know the full form) . It has been running since 1924 and has created a legacy of its own. If you want to try a little of everything I suggest getting their unlimited Thali which has everything you never thought you would crave. The BISIBELE BHATH is so so so good. It is a rice dish made of lentils, assorted vegetables, nutmeg, cashews, curry leaves and tamarind pulp.




Wiped it off before I could even click a picture! Oh that appetite I had!

There are so many cute cafes hidden within buildings or places at the end of streets. They are wholesome, hearty breakfast places that you really don’t want to miss out on. A hole in the wall is one good cafe in Banglore to visit if you are visiting Banglore on a solo trip or with a group of friends. They have an all-day dining breakfast menu – super cool. Some of the best things to try here are their omelettes, toasts, milkshakes and steak burgers! They have a minimum half n hour wait ( don’t tell me I didn’t warn you).

Want to dine at a place where Jawaharlal Nehru, Nikita Khrushchev and even good old Queen Elizabeth II did? Google Maps straight to  Koshy’s on St Marks Road. To be fair, it does not have food that will lead you into a food coma but what is very interesting here is the ambiance. The barely painted red bricks the creaking fans, the rustic chairs and history since the 1940’s that takes you down the lane. What is legendary here is the breakfast, the spanish version omelettes are truly worth devouring. Other hits among the crowd to chow down are the prawn biryani, Roast Chicken and Koshy’s special coffee.

Don’t worry about the kilos you will gain on your trip, you can always come back and whip up some great smoothies and get on that detox. You can refer to this article for some of the unique smoothies recipes. 


It all started with one Social that got popular among the crowd and then they expanded to other regions of India as well. If you travelling with friends it is a great hotspot, chug don that electric blue iced tea tower that will keep you good and warm for the rest of the night. But, if you are on a solo travel getaway, I would totally suggest going to one of the beer bars that Bangalore is really famous for.

Bangalore has a couple of beer breweries where varieties of flavors are brewed in-house on a daily basis. One of my most treasured memories out of this trip was visiting Arbour Brewing Company This place is a huge hit with the drinking crowd and office goers, it can get quite challenging to get a place here on the weekends. There are 6-7 regular beers along with seasonal flavors, some of them are wheat, Mango and many more. Loved loved loved the beers here! This place also has a very nice vibe attached to it.

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Be it a family trip, a solo trip or even a romantic weekend getaway, Mysore is the perfect place to book your tickets to! It is the perfect destination if you want to indulge and witness grandeur, culture, temples and some of the most iconic sites!

Things you cannot miss doing at Mysore

  1. Mysore Palace – Also known as the Ambavilas Palace, this is one of the top things to do in Mysore. Indo-Saracenic architecture to its imperial interiors, everything here is a great example of why Mysore is popular as the City of Palaces and why exactly you should you book your tickets and visit ASAP! I visited Mysore Palace twice – once in the morning and once during the golden hour in the evening when the entire palace is lit up.wheresachi-5dayBudgetTripToBangloreMysoreCoorg-MysorePalaceinDayLightwheresachi-5dayBudgetTripToBangloreMysoreCoorg-MysorePalaceIntheNight
  2.  St. Philomena’s Cathedral – Pay a visit to this gorgeous Church while you escape the hustle bustle of the city life. It has this serene vibe surrounding it and the Gothic architecture will keep you stunned for days.
  3. Go Peddling at Karanji Lake – Go boating around the lake while you admire the scenic beauty around you. There isn’t a  long queue for this one – so do not miss out on this. Throughout the entire time I went boating with my best friend I thought what a great getaway from Dubai life this really is. Take a long walk and bask in everything around, it is truly rejuvenating.wheresachi-5dayBudgetTripToBangloreMysoreCoorg-KaranjiLakeIMysore


3. Coorg

It is the perfect landscape that is so refreshing for a two-day getaway! Coorg is the perfect spot for you are looking to rejoice in the realm of nature. Cascading waterfalls, plantations of coffee, hiking and adventure thrilling spots – there is something for the laidback and adventure seekers in Coorg to relish in the wonderfulness of serenity.

I was here for a day but wish I has spent more time – only if I could book my tickets directly to Coorg from Dubai.

Things to do in Coorg

We had only one day in Coorg so we had to meticulously plan our day out. We stayed in an OYO once again and it was really really nice! Here is the link of the place I lived in – it’s within the cobbled streets of Coorg – Super cozy and cute! There are also so many homestays styled accommodation if that’s your style. I am a very nature person and a complete water baby so I  always opt for anything remotely close to the water, if you are just like me don’t miss out on Abbey Waterfalls. The waterfall is located between coffee plantations and just opposite the falls there is a hanging bridge constructed. The mist of the water that endears your face is so refreshing and the weather up the falls there is just so cool and pleasant.


If you love your sunsets as much as your coffee, do plan your day in such a way where you can catch the sunset from Raja’s Seat! Raja’s seat is a seasonal garden of flowers and artificial fountains – it is one of the most highly commended touristic spots in Madikeri, Coorg. Apart from the layers of splendid greenery, you can hike your way through the top to catch some really good views of the cliffs and valleys and ofcourse, catch and enchanting view of the sunset/sunrise – it is absolutely beautiful.wheresachi-5dayBudgetTripToBangloreMysoreCoorg-RajasSeatInCoorg


There is nothing like cheap thrills and a good ol’ budget trip

Total budget for this trip – RS 8000 without tickets


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A 5 day budget trip to Banglore, Mysore and Coorg.