22 Delivery-only restaurants in Dubai you need to check out

Welcome to my blog post on the cloud kitchen restaurants to try in Dubai. Join me on a culinary adventure as we explore the innovative world of virtual kitchens, where mouthwatering flavors are crafted and conveniently delivered to your door. From local delicacies to international cuisines, I’ll be sharing my favorite hidden gems that will surely tantalize your taste buds in the vibrant city of Dubai.

This listicle is presented without any particular ranking or preferred order


Sink your teeth into an afforda-bowl mama-like cooked meal giving you that homemade feel. This brand offers a delightful variety of convenient-to-eat, all-in-one bowl dishes, ranging from burrito bowls to mashed potato bowls, quinoa bowls, and rice bowls. They even have a tempting hummus bowl for chickpea enthusiasts.


2. Amigovio

Oh mi amor, you had me at burritos! Amigovio by Sweetheart Kitchen is big on burritos and nothing quite says Mexican like a burrito!T heir best selling dishes are Chicken Quesadillas, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from like Mexican Snacks and Bowls.


3. Gorilla Burger

Unleash your inner ape and indulge in your favorite mouthwatering burgers at Gorilla Burger. This one’s for the serious burger enthusiasts, with single, double and triple patty choices, this place is finger lickin’ delish!


4. Wingo

If wings and milkshakes sound like the perfect weekend plan, Wingo has you covered! And they serve vegan wings too ????

5. Training Day

More hustle calls for more muscle ???????? and who better than Training Day.

6. Slider Ryder

This Ryder been Slider into your DMs with drool-worthy meat burgers.

7. Bravo Avocado

What do you say to an avocado who’s done a good job? Bravocado! Geddit? Oh well, just order an avocado toast.

8. Chicken Strip Joint

Love chicken? Well then this place is for you! From chicken wings to chicken strips and sliders, they’ve got it all! Oh and a catering menu too for your parties.

9. High Steaks

The steaks here are definitely high! So make the most of it by ordering in some of their juiciest meats.

10. Souperior

The only souperier you need to control your life are these comforting bowls. It’s a warm hug you didn’t think you needed.

11. Skinny Bowls

What do you call a bowl that’s anorexic? A skinny bowl! Okay, PJs apart, these bowls pack include a variety of healthy food options that ensure you meet your nutritional goals.

12. Karma Shawarma

The only karma you deserve is a Karma Shawarma. There’s toum-uch goodness in their shawarma wraps.

13. All Day Bombay

Craving for Indian food that tastes like home? All Day Bombay serves a wide variety of Biryanis and combo meals.

14. Fries before Guys

Fries before Guys – the answer to all your relationship and breakup problems!

15. Mac Edition

Love the classic Mac and cheese? These guys can satisfy those cravings! They even offer a range of interesting options if you’re feeling experimental.

16. Sandwich Lab

If your favorite kind of witch is a sandwich, Sandwich Lab is the place to order from! Housing a wide range of sandwiches, this lab experiments with various palatable flavors.

17. Danny Dog

Whether it’s the classic hotdog or a more unusual flavor, they have it all!

18. Naughty Vegan

They could naught-y be more excited to bring to you a range of vegan dishes that’s gonna make you not miss meat!

19. Tummy Tales

Having UAE’s largest parathas with different stuffings, mind you, is a complete value of a deal and also delivering homely Veg and Non Veg bowls with rice which are a must-try!

20. Art of Dum

Art of Dum is a gourmet delivery kitchen, specialising in authentic Dum Pukth cuisine. When you order in, take in the amazing packaging with it. We completely recommend the Yellow Daal which is great!

21. Bloom Vegan Kitchen

100% vegan delicious food with absolutely sustainable packaging! This one cannot be missed.

22. Faasos

Are you looking for some delicious Indian-style delicious wraps, rolls and shawarmas? Look no further, Faasos is your stop!



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22 Delivery-only restaurants in Dubai you need to check out