Food you crave according to your Zodiac Sign

Everyone out there looking for their soul mates in their horoscope, while most of us are looking for our soul food. If you fall in the latter group, then you’ve come to the right place! As odd as this may sound, your cravings do depend on your zodiac sign. Whether you believe it or not, read this either way ?


Aries love spicy food, hot and energizing. The element of fire Aries belong to, influences their taste. Their huge appetite gets them craving for a spicy yet satisfying meal.


Considering how much a Taurus loves a scrumptious meal, dieting is their biggest enemy while cooking. They usually tend to crave for sweets, pasta and bread.


Gemini’s want the best of both worlds. They crave for the sweet and salty. Go for sour punk to sort these bipolar cravings.


Cancerian’s are said to crave anything that’s creamy, decadent and indulgent. A slice of cheesecake, bowl of cookie dough, pies and more are always on your mind.


Leo’s are the attention seekers! Chicken served in a waffle cone, unicorn latte or food that involves drama is what they are all about!


Analytical and practical. They’re the health freaks! If it’s light and can be eaten on the go, it’s definitely gonna be found in a Virgo’s bag.


They’re usually in a win-win situation, as they crave for dark chocolate desserts. Luckily the sweet tooth in them doesn’t crave for anything too sweet.


For Scorpions sharing is caring. Give them a plate of spicy fries and they’re good to go. Satisfies their spicy taste buds and also allows them to share it.


Adventurous Sagittarius is known for being impulsive, which is why you’ll always find them indulging in some kick-ass snacks. Odd and wild flavored food, is their guilty pleasures.


Know for their down to earth nature, they always crave for foods grown underground. Strange? I know! But that’s just how they are. Almonds is their go to snack!


Say cheese! As that’s what they’re constantly craving. Nothing makes them happier than a variety of cheese.


Apparently they’re the romantic ones. Chips, guacamole and a favorite movie under the stars, is the ultimate cravings of a Pisces.

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Food you crave according to your Zodiac Sign