Nutella Desserts in Dubai

I have a pun but I will nut-tella you.

On the lookout for some delicious Nutella desserts in Dubai? This list will drive you nuts ? as we’ve got our hands (or should I say taste?) on some of the best in town!

1. Nutella Maki

Crispy, warm Maki rolls, drizzled in Nutella. This is a perfect treat to your taste buds! Find these delicious treats at Moshi.

2. Nutella Milkshake

These milkshakes will bring everyone to the yard. Have it served in a Nutella jar or glass. You’ll find this at Freez.

3. Nutella ice cream

Nut-ell(a)ing you how good this is. Freez your cravings with their Nutella ice cream. Find this at Freez. Definitely one of the best nutella desserts in Dubai.

4. Nutella Earth Cake
Pretty earth cakes served in a plant pot, making the (kilo)gram(s) worthy for the gram ?

Find these cute and edible plant pots at Spoon & Glaze.

5. Corn Flakes French Toast
Stuffed with Nutella, maple syrup, berries & glaze pecan nuts. Start your day right by digging into this beauty. Find them at crisol.

6.Nutella Crumble Cookies
Where all my Nutella desserts in Dubai lovers at? These warm cookies are drenched in Nutella. Y’all can thank us late ?

7. Eataly
Eataly has a section filled with Nutella desserts. From tarts to pastries to brioches, all of these are stuffed with Nutella.Find it at Dubai Mall.

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8.Lugaimat with Nutella
The very famous lugaimat, is an Emirati sweet. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, these delicious lugaimat balls are bathed in Nutella. Sharing isn’t caring when it comes to this one! Find them at logma

9.Nutella banana
Do you like the combination the of Nutella with bananas? Now think of it wrapped in a pita wrap and grilled till warm. If this sounds like music to your ears, head to Man’oushe Street.

10. Nutella Jar
The song jar of hearts was definitely made keeping this dessert in mind. Nutella Jar, jar of hearts, same thing no? Don’t go by the lyrics though, or you may end up eating more than expected. This sinful jar of love is available at Ribbons and Balloons Bakery. Well, this is one of the nutella desserts in Dubai you need to try.


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Nutella Desserts in Dubai