Fun Activities in Dubai for Couples

Engaging in activities together is a wonderful way for couples to deepen their bond and create lasting memories. Whether it’s exploring creative outlets, enjoying the outdoors, or simply sharing a new experience, these shared moments can significantly enhance a relationship. Here’s a curated list of unique activities that are perfect for couples looking to enrich their time together with fun, creativity, and a little adventure.

Graffiti Art Studio

Located in Al Quoz, Graffiti Art Studio offers couples an opportunity to express their creativity through the vibrant world of street art. This studio provides all the necessary materials and guidance to help you create your own graffiti masterpiece. Priced at AED 150 per person, this is a fun and affordable way to spend a unique date.

Mofun Studio

Mofun Studio is a creative haven where couples can engage in various arts and crafts activities. Located in a cozy corner of the city, the studio offers workshops like pottery and painting, with sessions priced around AED 180. It’s a perfect spot for couples looking to explore their artistic side in a relaxed environment.


Xstrike offers an intense and interactive combat simulation experience that feels like stepping into a real-life video game. Located in Al Quoz, an adrenaline-filled session costs AED 99 per player. This activity is ideal for couples who enjoy thrilling, action-packed experiences.

Cat Cafe Vibrissae

Nestled in a quaint area of Dubai, Cat Cafe Vibrissae is a paradise for cat lovers. Couples can enjoy a quiet afternoon sipping coffee and playing with friendly felines. Packages start from AED 50.

Pots & Paints Cafe

Discover the joys of creativity and shared memories at Pots & Paints Cafe, a charming spot perfect for couples looking for a unique date activity. Choose from an extensive selection of unpainted pottery pieces and vibrant paints to create personalized crockery together. This artistic adventure promises not only a fun outing but also a tangible keepsake of your time spent together. Prices start from AED 65.

Meraki Art and Design Studio

Meraki Art and Design Studio offers various creative workshops perfect for couples looking to bond through art. Their workshops include Resin Art, Candle Making, Floral Sculpting and more. Check out their website for details on their upcoming workshops, where the prices start from AED 200 per person.

Roll DXB

Roll DXB brings back the nostalgic vibe of roller skating in a fun and modern environment. Located in the bustling city center, an evening skate session costs about AED 70 per person. It’s a playful and active date idea for couples.

Boom Battle Bar

Boom Battle Bar offers an eclectic mix of activities such as axe throwing, augmented reality darts, and mini-golf. Located in a lively district, expect to spend around AED 90 per person for a truly entertaining and competitive night out.

Picasso Artists

At Picasso Artists, couples can delve into the world of painting under the guidance of skilled instructors. Discover the magic of colors with their fluid art workshop, and create a stunning masterpiece. Choose from various canvas sizes, and prices start from AED 169.


The only dog petting center in Dubai, Petmecenter, is a haven for dog lovers. Located in Oasis Mall, this fun activity allows you to spend time with small and big dogs, feed them, even play with them, and adopt them. It’s a great bonding activity that will surely bring you closer. There are various timings for both the small and big dogs.

Night Kayak

Experience the beauty of Dubai’s waters with the Night Clear Kayak tour, a perfect activity for couples looking to enjoy a tranquil and unique adventure together. Paddle through the serene waters in transparent kayaks, available in both 2-seater and 1-seater options, under the starry night sky. The tour offers restrooms and changing rooms for your convenience. Arrive 20-30 minutes early for preparations and enjoy a magical evening with your partner.

Dubai Ice Rink

While it may seem a bit cliché, there’s an enduring romance in gliding hand-in-hand on the ice, making ice skating in Dubai an ideal activity for couples, regardless of whether you’re experienced skaters or trying it out for the first time. Prices start from AED 90.


Unleash your creative side and get the painting at the various workshops held at Jamjar. This is a great activity to keep the stress of your daily lives at bay and simply indulge in a session that not only heals your mind but allows your creative juices to flow. Workshop prices start from AED 149.

Ski Dubai

Experience the magic of winter at Ski Dubai’s indoor Snow Park. Enjoy unique attractions such as the giant zorbing ball, ice cave, and the thrilling Mountain Thriller ride. You also get to enjoy an up-close and personal encounter with the resident Gentoo and King Penguins. Cap off your snowy adventure with a warm cup of hot chocolate at the cozy Avalanche and Ice Café. Prices start from AED 220.

Chaos Karts

Chaos Karts offers an exhilarating and unique experience for couples looking to add a dose of excitement to their time in Dubai. This innovative attraction transports you and your partner into immersive virtual worlds where you can race through futuristic landscapes, overcome virtual obstacles, and unleash fantastical weapons. It’s like stepping into your favorite video game but in real life. Perfect for couples who love a mix of adventure and fun, Chaos Karts promises an unforgettable date filled with friendly competition and adrenaline-pumping thrills. The standard ticket price starts from AED 140.

Candlelight Concert

Candlelight Concerts offer couples a magical and intimate evening of live music performed in spectacular candlelit settings. These performances allow you to experience a wide variety of themes and genres, including classical, jazz, pop, movie soundtracks, and ballet, all in a mesmerizing ambiance. Perfect for couples seeking a romantic and unique night out, Candlelight Concerts provide an enchanting atmosphere that enhances the beauty of the music. Ticket prices start at AED 120.

The Storm Coaster

Located in Dubai Hills Mall, The Storm Coaster is a record-breaking attraction perfect for thrill-seeking couples. This multivehicle inversion coaster wraps throughout the entire building and features a completely vertical launch powered by magnetic LSM motors, propelling riders over 50 meters up into the building.

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