Healthy unique smoothies on a run – Do that Detox!

I wake up frazzled in the morning, rushing to work and usually skip breakfast or just grab any fruit that I can find. Very bad! Yes?

Don’t skip your morning breakfast, instead make a quick breakfast smoothie that packs enough protein for your body and you know it is healthy enough for your body. There are numerous smoothies recipes and they taste incredible, you can have a different smoothie every day, it’s healthy, depending on the texture it can actually pull off being an actually healthy dessert,  Here are few breakfast smoothies recipes that I have searched on every nook and corner of the internet and truly believe are some of the healthiest, tastiest and easy to make smoothies

  1.  Peanut Butter Breakfast Smoothie
    Don’t scroll through this after reading “banana”. This smoothie has peanut butter to cover up for the banana and it also has almost 16 grams of protein in it that will keep you full for few hours!Peanut butter banana smoothie - healthy smoothies
  2. Cinnamon roll Smoothie
    Just imagine all the ingredients and sweet, sticky and spicy indulgent taste of a cinnamon roll all loaded into one smoothie, I particularly love this recipe! Indulgent and maybe healthy? HAHA!cinamon roll smoothie - smoothies for the morning
  3. Detox Green Smoothie with Chia Seed
    Low cards and great protein intake with the chia seeds. The pineapple and banana help cut through the taste of Spinach. Brilliant concoction for a power-filled morning smoothie. The addition of chia is a great source of fiber, protein and a huge energy and metabolism booster. If you are too lazy to go to your grocery store, order it online, this blueberry chia seeds mix is yum. Order it here
    Healthy detox green smoothie
  4. Lemon and Turmeric Chai Smoothie
    This is quite the unconventional mix of things but should I even start with the benefits of Turmeric? A natural anti-inflammatory substance, your guard against cancer, heart diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease and even increases body’s antioxidant capacity.
    Lemon and Turmeric smoothie - Detox Smoothies
  5. Watermelon and honey smoothie
    The recipe really isn’t rocket science! Few ingredients, blend them right in and we have a fresh smoothie right there. Great for breakfast or even a nice light breakfast drink.
    Watermelon and honey smoothie - Healthy detox smoothies


I think getting a nutribullet is definitely an investment. Honestly, say goodbye to overpouring into another glass, the concise new nutribullet set lets you blend and drink in the same glass. More than anything, it is definitely a step towards a healthier lifestyle and maybe a tad closer towards weight loss too!

Prices have shot down for a nutribullet, check out this particular one it is reasonably priced.

The best and most convenient way to make healthy smoothies is to buy a nutribullet. The prices have dropped almost 50%, if you are interested in buying one.I have one in my office and one at home, they are so useful, just dump all the ingredients and voila! you have a healthy smoothie ready!

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Healthy unique smoothies on a run – Do that Detox!