Things you can do for AED 1 in Dubai

While Dubai has its increasing costs and lifestyle, there are still few things that you can enjoy for AED 1 in Dubai.  

Here is a list of things that you can find for AED 1 dirham or even lesser.  


  1. Al Rawabi fresh Laban up – a perfect thirst quencher for the hot summers.  
  2. Unikai Chocolate Milk (can find a few other flavors as well) – kids’ favorite drink after that sweaty game.  
  3. Al-Ain Full cream Yoghurt 100g – refreshing and healthy, eat it as a snack or as a part of your meal.  
  4. Water bottle – 500ml 


  1. Oreo chocolate biscuits – perfect to serve on the plate, tasty and creamy.  
  2. Switz Mini-cupcakes – this used to be my morning breakfast.  
  3. Jewel ring lollipops – We all loved this!  
  4. Wrigley’s Chewing gum – freshen up just before your big meeting, be it an interview or meeting your girlfriend.  
  5. Nestle white Milky bar chocolate – a small treat to brighten your day.  
  6. Chupa Chups – you don’t find this everywhere, but it’s available on noon delivery.  


  1. Mr. Crisps cheezos – those snacks are perfect while you are at the beach or going on long drives.  
  2. Sun bites Olives 100g – you can have these anytime.  
  3. Britannia Vita Marie 75g – perfect with Chai.  
  4. Wai Wai Chicken Instant Noodles – your hunger partner, saver for many.  
  5. Lays Potato chips – Our go-to for parties, get togethers or simple for a move night
  6. Peanut Pouch – waiting can be boring, but with this, it is surely easier and peanuts are healthier.   
  7. Golden Loaf milk bun – cant go wrong be it morning or evening tea.  


  1. A cup of streetside chai – you can enjoy a cup of chai for as less as AED 1, in the smaller cafeterias. Our favourite is Khouk Al Shay or Duniya
  2. Samosa – The small samosas, with the chai, is one of the best combos for the evenings.Any cafeteria has these priced at AED 1
  3. Pakodas – The weather is perfect for pakodas, like onions or potatoes sold for AED 1. The lane next to Bank of Baroda near the Abra in Old Dubai has the perfect mix.
  4. Roti (Afghan Roti) – Whenever you have some curries and are lazy to cook rice, then these rotis come for quick help. Some of our favorite are: Al Kabab Al Afghani Al Qusais and Alsar Bakery
  5. Popeye’s Mango Ice-cream: Now this is one of the best things that is available at easy price. You are stressed and need a dessert, then this is the one you can try.  

It’s not all about food,  there are a few other activities that you can do for AED 1 or for free. Let me share those details here: 

  1. Malls in Dubai: these are amazing places to spend your time, walk through those amazing shops, coutures and a lot more under one roof. Window shopping is one of the best activities which soothes the eyes and also helps you increase your steps count. 
  2. Coffee Museum, Fahidi: A lot of people don’t know about this, but the coffee museum at Fahidi in Bur Dubai is completely free to visit. Over here you will be able to experience the different styles of coffee such as Local Arabic style, Ethiopian or even the Japanese style.
  3. Al Qudra lake & Love Lake: these are the recent spots that were made for visitors, a space to drive through, enjoy the pleasant weather, having some fun time with a couple of friends doing a BBQ.
  4. Parks: You will love the parks here, huge ones, with greenery all around, a few near to the beach areas, space for barbeques a perfect family place to relax.  
  5. Wild Life Sanctuary – Ras Al Khor: a fun place for a nice afternoon to watch flamingos, great for pictures and something different to do as an activity.
  6. Boat ride: Abra is one the oldest spot that is commonly used to commute from one end to the other using boat rides, the charges for these boat rides were around .25 fils years back, while now they are for just AED 1.  

While things are changing so rapidly, I am happy that the value of AED 1 is still priceless.  


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Things you can do for AED 1 in Dubai