Top Milk Cakes in Dubai That You Need to Try!

I think this blog post was very well long coming! We all love milk cakes and here’s bringing you the best in town that you need to go and try now!

Home Bakery

An Emirati-owned establishment offers a trendy and cozy atmosphere with delightful desserts. One of their signature dishes is the milk cake, especially their saffron and Rose milk! The lotus milk cake is particularly noteworthy and a must-try.

London Diary Cafe 

This place does not require any introduction! A hotspot known for its specialty coffees and ice cream is also very well known for its milk cakes. Their Saffron and Rose Milk Cake are our favorite!

Looshi’s Bakery

A soft melt-in-your-mouth cake mixed with 3 types of milk! Comes in 4 different flavors; Original, Pistachio, Lotus and Rose


With unparallel views of the Burj, you can enjoy their famous Red Velvet Milk Cake for AED 31 a slice!

Saya Cafe 

The most beautiful pink cafe in Dubai, they do an amazing Rose, Saffron and Vanilla Milk Cake

La Tablita

Apart from their amazing Mexican Food, they do a Jalapeno Milk Cake Aka Tres Leches that absolutely works. It isn’t has strange as it sounds but the flavors of tanginess and sweetness go just about right!


Famously known for its desserts in Dubai, they are well-known for their milk or Dulce De Leche. Check out the original, Saffron or Pistachio flavors!

Gossip Cafe

A very popular spot for its artsy interiors and Instagram-worthy desserts, Gossip cafe even has a variety of Milkcakes. Choose from four flavors including rose, saffron, lotus, pistachio, and plain.



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Top Milk Cakes in Dubai That You Need to Try!