What is this “Ketogenic Diet Plan”?

Simplified in 5 steps!
“It is a wonderland, it is magic”

What’s Keto, you ask? Let’s hear it. 

Your body needs blood sugar (glucose) as a fuel to function throughout the day & when there’s a short supply of glucose (created when you follow Keto), it requires an alternate source of energy.  The liver in your body produces ‘Ketones’ using fat, when you eat very few carbs & a very moderate amount of protein which fuels your brain & your entire body. When this happens, your body is said to be in a state of ‘Ketosis’.  As soon as the body switches it’s fuel supply from glucose to ketones, it starts accessing the stored fat & starts burning at a dramatic pace which in turn helps you to lose weight.

Question is, how do you get there?

Here are my 5 simple steps to jump into the state of ‘Ketosis’ ASAP!

STEP 1: Open your fridge, kitchen cabinets & DUMP EVERYTHING. Yes, everything!
This is the starting point to Ket, it’s best to leave all the useless baggage behind & move on! As humans, we are by nature pretty lazy & we eat what we see in front of us or whatever we can get our hands on.  And, if that’s the case, let’s make sure we are not looking at anything that we shouldn’t be eating. Makes sense?  Stock all the right things, Dump all the bad stuff. You won’t see it, you won’t eat it!

You probably might want to check out the best desserts in Dubai before you start that diet?

STEP 2: START MOVING! Once you start moving, the glucose deposits in the body start depleting & you slowly approach a stage where the body is ready to switch its fuel source to fat.  The more you move, the faster you deplete. Walking for 30 mins every day is more than enough for the first week & then up your game to 45 – 60 mins in the coming weeks.

STEP 3: DRINK, DRINK, DRINK! Don’t get too excited. I’m talking about drinking WATER. Did you know that 95% of the times when you feel hungry, you don’t actually need more food but what you really need is a glass of water to satiate yourself?  Water helps flush out all the toxins in your body & make your more active. It’s also a great way to fool your brain that keeps asking for more & more food for no reason.

Fun Fact: Your stomach is like a balloon that can only handle 450 grams of food + water at any given point in time. If you’re eating over & above that, you’re just expanding your stomach inch by inch every day which is the opposite of what you want to achieve!

STEP 4: WHAT NEXT? STORE THESE IN YOUR KITCHEN Fats – Butter, Pure Ghee, Olive Oil, Cream Cheese, Mayo, Cheese
Protein – Chicken Breast, Fish, Eggs, Red Meat if you just can’t live without it
For Snacking – Almonds, Walnuts, Dark Chocolate
For Drinking – 100% Cocoa, Plain Soda, Diet Coke, Tea (Replace Milk with Fresh Cream)
For Fiber Intake – Anything that’s leafy Green, darker the color better it is viz. Spinach, Lettuce, Broccoli etc
Cooking Supplements – All Herbs & Spices, Lemon, Yogurt (Unsweetened)
What you are really doing here is bringing in discipline so your mind doesn’t have to think again and again if you should eat this or that. Before the discipline kicks in, try the best Mexican restaurants in Dubai

Yeah, the above list doesn’t have any carbs because you’re not supposed to eat any! I know this is hard, but who said it was easy! Do this for a week & you’ll get used to it – Remember, the first week is really really hard but if you can pull this off you will start gaining control over a lot of other things in your life!

STEP 5: LET’S DO THE WRAP UP NOW! Of course, it depends on body to body but it takes ~5 to 7 days before you start generating ketones and start burning fat! Reality is, these are some of those toughest days in your life because you were used to indulging in your favorite food and now things have suddenly changed.

Take an oath that you won’t cheat & imagine how life will be after you’ve reached your target fitness goal. Try this now & you’ll know what I’m saying! adrenaline is spurting off the roof! Whenever you’re going off track, ask yourself this: ‘Why did I start Keto in the first place?’

I must say Good Luck, WHY? because you need it!

P.S. For simple 5 min, Keto recipes, head to Instagram & search ‘fatpressurecooker’, FOLLOW & DM for more detailed know-how.


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What is this “Ketogenic Diet Plan”?