Trending Dubai Desserts of 2017!

Dubai Desserts twenty seventeen

You can never say no to desserts! It is a definite stress buster and the way to your heart like no other! Agree?

Here are few places where the desserts are trending like crazy in Dubai, and these are places you absolutely need to go to right now before 2017 ends!

  1. Taking Dubai by a storm is the “Black Ice cream” at scoopi café. I am so happy to see the whole “black dessert” trend enter Dubai’s culinary scene because this ice cream was ridiculously awesome! It is instragram-worthy, their ice cream comes in a black cone or waffle and is made with the finest of ingredients – right in front of you :O It is made of activated charcoal with lemon zest and cream to compress the taste of the charcoal. You should be watching out for those messy hands, though!
  2.  Camel Milk ice cream at Nouq – I Know, I know, didn’t sound like something I would savor as well. But, I absolutely love the fact that they have tapped into the Emirati culture since it is one of the staple ingredients of Dubai and have transformed it into an ice cream. They have dozen camel milk ice cream flavors including honey saffron and Turkish coffee. Yum! Don’t worry about the strong taste of the camel milk, since Nouq’s ice-cream is pasteurized allowing it to settle for more subtle flavors!
  3. Sugarmoo – A play on the names ( sugar and milk – the essential ingredients in baking), Sugarmoo is definitely one of the best dessert places to order from Dubai! I have a couple of favorites, the red velvet, and Oreo cookies medley is the best birthday cake I have ever had! They ever have a variety of guilt-free desserts, including butter-free chocolate cakes, sugar-free chia seed pudding and many more!
  4. Cookie monster from Ella’s creamery – Stacked up cookies topped and packed with ice-cream – can this get any better? If you are quite the bored one, grab your friends and take a drive to Dubai Parks & Resorts. A 50’s inspired café, this ice-cream café has it all to cool you off as you sneak in a couple of treats between those rides!
  5. Spoon and Glaze – Chocolate Mudcake : I love their concept so much! It starts with eating all your desserts out from a clay pot, and then taking those clay pots home with soil and seeds so you can grow your own plants! How forward-thinking and environmentally conscious is that?

Do leave me a comment if you feel I have missed out on any other desserts that I need to eat before the end of twenty seventeen!

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Trending Dubai Desserts of 2017!