15 Best street food places in Mumbai

One of the greatest things about Mumbai is their amazing street food. There are many different kinds of snacks that are being sold all across Mumbai, like vada pav, panipuri, pav bhaji and Kulfi for example. There are too many street food places to choose from, so here are the 15 best street food places in Mumbai.


  1. Noor Mohmaddi

You can find Noor Mohmaddi at the Bhendi Bazaar on Mohammad Ali road. They serve various kinds of street food, but you should really try their white biryani or the chicken hakimi when you visit them.

  1. Guru Kripa

If you’re looking for the most famous samosa of Mumbai, you should go to Guru Kripa neer SIES college. They serve this dish with a delicious gravy of chickpeas and a garnish of onion and coriander bits.

  1. Gulshan-e-Iran

At the Crawford Market, on Musafir Khana Road, you can find Gulshan-e-Iran, where they sell delicious Mughlai dishes for extremely low prices! One of the dishes you should definitely try is their chicken tikka masala.

  1. Jai Jawan

For the best tandoori dishes, you should go to Jai Jawan next to the Chappal Market. They serve delicious meals, like tandoori chicken for example, but you should try their Punjabi prawn fry as well.

  1. Swati Snacks

On Tardeo Road, you can enjoy some of the best street food in Mumbai from Swati Snacks! They make an incredible Gujarati version of Falafel. Other delicacies here are pav vada, rava dosa and panki chatni.

  1. Rajesh Corn Corner

If you love corn, you should definitely pay a visit to Rajesh Corn Corner! They serbe more than a hundred different flavors of corn and baby corn and is perfect for the people who absolutely love corn!


  1. Breadkraft

This street food shop is specialized in Frankies and they serve many different varieties of Frankies. Try their Paneer Chilli Frankie or their Butter Chicken Chipotle Frankie for example.

  1. Maruti Pav Bhaji

At Maruti Pav Bhaji, you can get many different types of pavs which you can all try of course! Go for their Spicy Pav Bhaji or their Cheese Pav Bhaji first and then try the rest!

  1. Anand Stall

For the best Dosa, you should go to this street food shop near Mithibai College. You can try one of their many different dosas here, like Pizza Dosa or Pasta Dosa, but you could go for a delicious vada pav too. Out top recommendation for the best street food in Mumbai

10. Vasu’s Laxmi Balaji Snacks

This place is a shop that is known for their delicious sandwiches! People always come back for more, thanks to the delicious flavors. Try their Chocolate Sandwich or the Bahubali Sandwich for example!

11. Kapoor Kulfi

If you’re looking for the best Kulfi of Mumbai, you should visit Kapoor Kulfi at Marine lines. They serve Kulfi with an amazing texture of which you should try them all!

12. Kurries and Burries

This new café is especially popular among students. They serve pure vegetarian food and they have both Asian foods as well as Mexican foods! Try their Paneer Chilli wrap when you’re there!

13. Delhi Zaika

When you want to try authentic Mughlai food, you should go to Delhi Zaika on Mohammed Ali Road. Some of their best dishes are their Chicken Kepsa, Chicken Reshmi Kabab and Malai Chicken.

14. Bademiya’s rolls

Although this spot is always crowded with customers, you will find that it’s definitely worth the wait! They serve delicious kebabs and rolls that are perfect to satisfy your hunger in the evening.

15. Panchratna Jalebi House

If you’re in the mood for delicious jalebis, you can to this shop. They serve the perfect hot and sweet jalebis among other dishes, like Fafda for example.



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