10 Vegan restaurants in Mumbai

When you’re a vegan, it can sometimes be difficult to find restaurant options that serve food you can eat. This is the same for people who want to eat vegetarian or vegan more often. In order to help you find the best places to eat, here are 10 vegan restaurants in Mumbai.


  1. Earth Café

At Earth Café, they offer a lot of different meals. They have a lot of vegan food to choose from and you can order a pizza or some delicious Indian food as well. To offer more dishes to choose from, they serve Western food and Fast food too, so everyone will find something they love here!

  1. Earthlings Café

This is a small vegan café that offers its guests plenty of options. They serve many different types of food, like western food like pizza and burgers, but they serves smoothies, shakes and juices too. It’s perfect for people who want to eat more natural as well!

  1. Aharveda Restaurant

You can find this restaurant at the Hotel Golden Chariot. Although they serve burgers and Italian food, they offer plenty of vegan dishes as well. They even have a juice bar for the people who are on a juice cleanse for example.

  1. Yogisattva

Yogisattva is a real farm-to-fork café that offers a lot of whole foods. They are extremely vegan-friendly and their food is organic too. If you don’t want to eat out, you can get take-out here as well.

  1. PRISIM Healing Institute

This restaurant is located within a health centre next to the Grand Rd station. They serve organic and fresh produce in their dishes and clean all of the vegetables and fruits they use in ionized water. Another thing that’s special about the restaurant is that they serve different cooked and raw dishes and smoothies as well.

  1. La Cane Bistro

At this bistro, you can choose from a wide variety of dishes, like pizza or American food, but they have a lot of vegan dishes as well. Try their tandoori tofu pizza or smokey tofu sandwich for example. They use vegan cheese as well for their dishes so it’s definitely a vegan-friendly restaurant!

  1. Rare Earth- The Vegan Café

In this café you will find a lot of western style food. You can go for a burger or a pizza, but they serve Indian dishes as well, like curry or dosa for example. Their food is organic and they offer plenty of gluten-free options too.

  1. Burma Burma

One of the best vegan restaurants in Mumbai, has more than 1 location, one of which you can find behind the Mumbai University. They serve Burmese vegetarian food with a lot of vegan options too. They also offer small plates to share with each other.

  1. Shivala

Shivala is a restaurant located near the CST railway station. They serve both Indian and Indo-Chinese food with many lactose-free options as well. If you want to go to a delicious vegetarian restaurant with Indian food, this is the place to go.

10. Govinda’s

Govinda’s is a vegan place that serves many different foods. You can get Western or Indian food here, but Chinese or Ovo as well. Try their delicious dosas or clay oven pizza for example.

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10 Vegan restaurants in Mumbai