19 weird food combinations in Dubai!

To celebrate the weirdness, we’ve rounded up some bizarre weird food in Dubai that is actually delicious. And remember, this is a judgment-free zone.

Chances are, you have probably eaten some weird combination of foods in #Dubai. Whatever you love to eat, we hope that others find the odd combinations just as delicious as you do.

Rabdi Paratha – Sthan

There’s aloo paratha, gobi paratha and every possible stuffed paratha.. but have you heard of rabdi paratha? Bet, you’ve not! It’s thick, luscious, Lucknowi rabdi stuffed paratha. We’re not sure how we feel about this, but it sure seems like worth a try!

Charcoal hummus – Life n one

You’ve probably heard of meat with hummus or pine nuts with hummus, but have you ever come across charcoal with hummus? As odd as it may sound, it is surprisingly tasty. You get the subtle hint of lemon it, definitely adding a tinge of pleasant flavour. Weird food combination but its worth a go!

Maggie sandwich – Opao

Yes! This exists. It’s one of the most weird combinations of food in Dubai! Yes, we know! But you’ve got to try it to know it. Also, it’s very light on the pocket.

Avocado cheesecake – downtown café

Avo-cuddles with cheese and brings to you a strange but surprisingly a great dessert. It’s a perfect balance between the sweetness of the cheesecake and the pungent taste of avocado. Give it a shot!

Avocado Chaat – Farzi Cafe

Speaking of avocados here’s another weird food combination. Here’s one more weird food combination in Dubai. When we talk about chaat, we think spicy, sweet, savoury but never healthy. But Kudos to them, all the more to indulge!

Donut sandwich – glaazed

If you can’t decide between sweet or savory, you must try this one out! You can have your party sandwiched between a glazed or plain donut.

Daal Chawaal Archini Balls – Farzi Cafe

The only way someone can force me to have Daal Chawaal. These lentil balls are quite strange but in a good way! Definitely one of the most weird combination foods in Dubai

Karak Chai Milk Cake – Treej Cafe

So I love Karak Chai and Milk Cake – Both, but separately as individual institutions. This didn’t quite settle well with me, why don’t you try it?

Nutella Pizza

Hey, I take personal offense if there is pineapple on pizza and then we come across the nutella pizza at Eately. But if you think about it, we’ve got pizza for breakfast, Dinner, Lunch and now a dessert version. Who’s gotta complain? 

Nutella and Oman Chips Regag

Yeah, what even? What is this weird combination! But, the spicy, savoury taste of chips is nicely balance by the sweet nutella! And for only AED 5? 

Alu Bhujiya Paratha – Paratha King

Bhujiya is the travel compainion of every Indian family, and a paratha made from this popular crispy snack makes for the most weirdest combination I Dubai but one that I approve completely. 

Zaatar and Labneh with Olive Maki Rolls – Moshi

Well, they deserve a shoutout for coming up with the one of the hit weirdest combinations since day 1. We love it! 

Chinese Biryani – Bombay Bites

Combining Indian and Chinese is this heroic popular restaurant, Bombay Bites. Have you tried it? 

Pav Bhaji Burger – Hitchki

A pav bhaji burger? Never thought this would make for a good snack, Would it?

Coconut Rasmalai – Bombay Bunglaw

Imagine the saffron strands blending in with the coconut. You would like this if you’re a coconut fan! 


Sabudana Cheese Croquettes – Chaat Bazaar

Sabhudana vadas are usually eaten during the fast of Eqadeshi, but chaat Bazaar cleaverly decided to make this popular “fast snack” a cheesy one to appeal to people like me. Well done! 

Chocolate Momo – Momo and More

We have heard of chicken, veg, schewan, even tandoori momos. But, how do you feel about steamed chocolate momos? Definitely one of the most weirdest combinations I have come across in Dubai. 

Pistachio Momos – Momo n more

Just when we thought it could get weirder, we come across pistachio momos? Seriously? 

Chinese Pizza – Darjeeling Cafe

You will definitely need a darjeeling tea to digest this one. But, fun combination – 5 points for this.

Written by Sachi Kumar and Ray D’silva

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19 weird food combinations in Dubai!