21 grams | Dubai’s only Balkan cuisine bistro

Why the name”21 grams”

I just went to this cozy, cute bistro that has opened up around 10 days back and they have so many meanings around their name. So, why 21? 21 grams is the weight of a soul ( yes, really), and since they are all about wholesome and soulful food, this was one reason for naming it 21. 21, also happens to be the latitude coordinates of the Balkan peninsula. Moreover, [21] is also the area code for Novi Sad, the owner’s, Stasha’s, hometown in Serbia. Coincidentally, the rooms in the hotel that 21 grams are located in also has 21 rooms.

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What is it all about?
The Bistro was materialized with Stasha’s passion for all good exemplary soulful food and a desire to create an authentic experience influenced by the diverse cultures, ethnicities, and cuisines of the Balkan Peninsula. Freshly sourced ingredients from local farmers, there is freshness evident right from their artisan breads ( oh, they are fantastic) to delectable home-grown desserts.

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What do you eat?

The mushroom homemade gnocchi-one of the best I have devoured, their mezze plates ( they roast peppers to make a dip of , it is a Serbian specialty that is made in the winters when it is difficult to source vegetables), their Bouyourdie. The desserts are phenomenal, please try their chocolate hazelnut baklava and Elderflower ice-cream ( 21 grams in Dubai is the only one that does this).

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21 grams | Dubai’s only Balkan cuisine bistro