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Hello internet family!

How’s the weekend treating ya’ll? Not too bad my side! If you know me and have followed me for quite some time, you probably know this about me – I jump at the word food, Travel and just anything and everything to do with those YOLO scenarios (random long drives to another Emirate, 4am sunrises, spontaneous flight bookings) But, here are 10 things you probably don’t know about me.

  1. Cooking or Eating?

    Only those who know me know that I do cook quite a bit( Best Carrot cake, ahem) but love eating more. I mean what’s easier and tastier anyways? Won’t deny that cooking is more rewarding though. Everyone who loves me a little too much knows that the way to my heart and my gamut of emotions is food ( chole battura, rabdi, Mexican food, shawarmas, manakeesh, paneer ( I once had an account on Facebook called foodfoodfoodpaneerpaneer because I loved it so much, it’s still there- go one check it out), pizza)

  2. Did I mention pizza?

    No arguments here, the best thing happened to planet Earth is pizza! Who wouldn’t be happy devouring a margharita cheesy pizza all to themselves? Fun fact: In Queen margharita’s house, the cook randomly experimented the tomato sauce, basil and cheese atop bread and voila all generations reaped the benefits. Hence, The “Margarita pizza” takes after Queen Margharita. When I went for my solo trip to New York in April 2017, for five days straight I had pizza ( NO REGRETS AT ALL) Also, my favorite pizza joints in Dubai are Alfresco in Crowne Plaza SZR and Pizza Express.

  3. Some tragedies, mostly smiles

    I lost my mom in a very tragic accident around one year back. It was a life-turning experience, for she is my best friend, heart and everything alike. Moving on, I realized she taught me a lot, she gave me strength, made me realize life is too short to ruin each moment.I quit my full-time traumatic job, worked on myself for the entirety of last year – self-studied, worked on my blog, did projects at agencies and freelanced for social media. I can proudly say I am stronger, I went out of my comfort zone a number of times, I re-built myself, lost few people, realized the people I want to keep in my life and have a little better vision of what I truly want to do in life. Whatever it is you are going through, it is going to be okay ( even if it is just VAT in Dubai)

  4. Sports and all that

    I was on my school’s and university basketball team  ( Heriot-Watt University, I have played various tournaments against many universities. I also play at the right wing position. I lose stamina quickly, but I am a good shooter.

  5. Things that make me go “ew” and “urgh”

    SNAKES (I have got multiple horrifying dreams about them), patriarchy, parlor sessions, wearing jeans, that horrific question “So…. when are you getting married?”, Thai food ( sorry guys), slow internet, badly done pizzas, slow decision makers, lack of cheese on my nachos, nachos with salsa instead of cheese on the side in cinemas, milky chai, jetlag…… you get the point.

  6.    My favorite movie

    YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI (no doubt there even for a second). I love how traveling as Ranbir Kapoor’s passion in the movie wasn’t just a hobby but also his job. It gave so much power and light into dreaming big and how passion and a job can very much be welded into one thing. I also loved how they showcased the power of love, love can take you beyond borders.

  7. Favorite band?

    I am a complete Coldplay junkie.

  8. How did Solo Travelling happen?

    I’ll be honest, my stomach did hurt when I boarded my flight to Seychelles for my first solo trip. I was scared, nervous and the thought of living alone, doing things alone was frightening. But, as soon as I reached Seychelles saw the beach I heaved a big sigh, I felt like I belong there, I felt free and my head was completely clear of any rubbish. It was also the time when I met a couple, spent around 4 hours with them, and went into deep thinking about myself and fell in love with myself. It was a euphoric feeling.

  9. What do I do on a day-to-day basis?

    Apart from doing reviews, Well, I go to work and as soon as I am done I actually do look forward to the evening. I either go for a sunset walk around the neighborhood, go to the beach alone and take in the sound of the waves ( the beach is my favorite place), spend some quality time with my sister and Dad and usually at least once or twice a week go for midnight sheesha.

  10. Graduated in?

    I actually thought ( scoffing) that I would excel in Finance and did my undergrad program in Business Management and Finance. Little did I know, life had different plans with me and I … went with it. Food blogging, travel, and the social media frenzy was the best thing that happened to me. I aspire up enough money as back up so I can travel and write while experiencing different cuisines, cultures and people.That’s all for now, pretty much sums up everything about me. Would really love to hear back from you guys, don’t be shy and leave me a comment.

    – S


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10 things you didn’t know about me – WhereSachi