Best spots in Dubai to try utterly-butterly Pav Bhaji

Indulge in a culinary journey through the bustling streets of Dubai as we uncover the city’s finest destinations to savor the beloved and flavorful delight of Pav Bhaji

Mumbai Masti Juice Center

Mumbai Masti Juice Center is a restaurant chain that originated from the famous Haji Ali Juice Center in Mumbai. Buttery pav buns, toasted to perfection, served alongside a fragrant medley of spiced vegetables, simmered to melt-in-your-mouth perfection – this pav bhaji will take you back to Mumbai!


Serving some of the best Mumbai delicacies since three decades, Vaibhav’s cheese pav bhaji is one of the best in D-town!


In the bylanes of Meena Bazaar, Rajwa stands out like the brightest moon on a dark night. My favorites are their chilli cheese toast, samosa grilled sandwich, dosas but mostly their pav bhaji that is under AED 10. Their cheese masala pav is also so good!

Chaat Bazaar

Home to some of the best Mumbai fast food items, Chaat Bazaar offers 8 variety of pav bhajis – no kidding! Right from their OG, Paneer, Kolhapuri and even schewan! They even do affordable and quality combos that you should totally get!

Ghangour (Desi-licious)

Known for its variety of sweets, Gangour is about 2 years old in Dubai but their Mumbai-style snacks have gotten good enough attention. Their pav bhaji is one of the best I have tried yet in Dubai – my favorite right now!

Curry Lane

Curry lane has been a family favorite for half a decade. We love their simple take on Mumbai snacks, right from their Vada Pav, Chinese, Thaipeeth, and even Frankies! Their pav bhaji is just as simple but delicious!

Mumbai Express

Joining the ranks of Dubai’s finest Pav Bhaji destinations, Mumbai Express also stands out with its abundant selection of Bombay-styled dosas, chaat items and so much more!

Bombay Times

Embracing Bombay’s ambiance, this eatery excels with authentic vegetarian street food like pav bhaji, dosas, and Aloo Methi parathas, accompanied by a diverse lassi and chaat selection. A top choice for Bombay-style flavors and atmosphere

Bombay Bites

Bombay Bites, a bustling eatery in Dubai, stands out as a top spot for delectable Pav Bhaji and an array of Indian delights, including dosas, parathas, vada pavs, and rich gravies. This restaurant also presents a fusion of Indian and Chinese flavors

Manisha’s Kitchen

Having been going here since my university days, their menu consists of a variety of Maharashtrian dishes such as Vada Pav, Missal Pav, Dabelis and so much more! The pav bhaji, among many, is a must try!

Bombay Se

Another spot with Radga style Pani Puri, Dabelis, Mumnai-kar snacks and the most delicious Pav Bhaji in town!

Urban Tadka

Urban Tadka in Dubai serves up the finest Pav Bhaji, accompanied by a delectable array of assorted snacks, making it a culinary haven for flavor enthusiasts!

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Best spots in Dubai to try utterly-butterly Pav Bhaji