The Best Tiramisu’s to try in Dubai!

Hey dessert lovers! Craving some creamy tiramisu magic in Dubai? Well, you’re in for a dessert adventure. We’ve hunted down the crème de la crème of tiramisu spots across the city. From cozy cafes to buzzing joints, Dubai serves up tiramisu dreams in every style imaginable. Get ready to indulge and discover the ultimate tiramisu delights in town!


Nested in the heart of Dubai in DIFC, this cute gourmet café stands out with its freshly crafted pastries & desserts. The tiramisu has a great blend of rich cream & coffee!

La Fabbrica Italiana

This one is known for its OG Tiramisu. It is a family recipe made by Aunt Speranza Bon back in 1958, when she had to give it to the then-visiting Greek princess. It is light, not too sweet & has the perfect balance. They were even nominated for best Italian restaurant in UAE by BBC Good Food Awards in 2022. You simply cannot miss this one!

Home Bakery

True to its name, this bakery feels like home with a cozy atmosphere offering a wide range of desserts presented in a unique way. The tiramisu, although a bit on the pricey side, is a must-try. They have newly introduced the pistachio tiramisu as well which is filled with white chocolate.

Zaatar with Zeit

You probably know them for their Lebanese cuisine. This place surprisingly has the most budget-friendly & delicious tiramisu in town and one you cannot miss out on!


If you haven’t heard of this place you’ve probably been living under a rock. This viral tiramisu deemed itself as the best in town. A must-visit place if you want to experience Italy with a Dubai flair.

La Tira

A Dubai bakery using homemade ingredients. This delivery-only bakery specializes in tiramisu cups with a wide range of 7 different flavors. Some of the most interesting ones are the pistachio, coffee & pecan tiramisu.


As the name suggests, inspired by the village on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast, this tiramisu has the perfect balance between cocoa, coffee & cream. It comes pretty close to the authentic Italian tiramisu (excluding the rum).

L’antica Pizzeria da Michele

Speaking of Italy, this famous place inhibits from the heart of Napoli and has even featured in Julia Robert’s “Eat, Pray & love”. Apart from the iconic pizzas, their tiramisu is to die for as all ingredients are exported from Italy itself.


As the name suggests, this is a fusion between EAT and ITALY. Eataly is a unique Italian restaurant that not only offers food but a place where you can shop and purchase ingredients that are exported from the UK & Italy. Moreover, they offer classes where you can learn how to cook Italian dishes from the in-house chefs from start to end.

London Diary café

Indulge in the best coffee & biscuity dessert at this aesthetic & ambient café with multiple locations across Dubai. Do check out the cheesecake and saffron milk cake as they are are wonderful as well.

CHUNK Bakehouse

With the crack of a spoon over the layered coffee surface breaking up, this will surely leave you satisfied. Chunk offers a wide range of different cakes for large groups that can be ordered online and one of them is definitely the Tiramisu Dream Cake!

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The Best Tiramisu’s to try in Dubai!