Carnival By Tresind | Is Season 2 better than Season 1?

It’s not everyday that you experience a bubble bath welcome as you are seated on your table in a restaurant. But CBT are persistent in bringing back childhood memories and this fun welcome is the right way to go about. Chef Himanshu brings back season 2 with the focus of bringing back lost or unheard food from the suburban regions in India. They demonstrate the food in the most eccentric ways and if anyone was ever curious on the behind scenes of the dishes prepared, Carnival acknowledges your curiosity with live cooking demonstrations that are fun, interactive and definitely food-gasm spurring for the biggest foodies.


If Alice in Wonderland was too much of a fantasy, live it in real as Carnival is a bollywood remake of a wonderland. With gilt-glazed trees having colorful kites peeking from the sides, moody lit up dining area – you are sure in for a theatrical experience.

Allow the servers to make choices for you – after all they have tried/tested everything. Trusting them is key.

Brace yourselves – because it is a long course meal, but it surely evokes all kinds of childhood memories in you.

The amuse bouche pink pani puri to start off with was thought off to create awareness for Breast cancer. Pour a beetroot and pomegranate tangy concoction from the test tube and let the tangy-ness tickle your taste buds.

The kutta Paratha live demonstration is the most fascinating and the taste better than that!

CBT has this new fancy thing going on when they bring a picnic right at your table. No I am not kidding. A picnic basket just like in our olden days how we used to have picnics in those plastic tupperware that are so close to your Indian mothers’ hearts. It’s filling but it all feels like your home food so your digestive system works in your favour.



Can we already skip to desserts? Because the desserts spur childhood memories right through the gut of your body.  Their one dessert is icecream being made with molecular gastro techniques right in front of you? While, the ice-cream was nothing novel but simplicity is what takes us back to us roots, yes?


The second dessert “Milks and cookies”, comprises of moist mawa cake, burnt pineapple and cinnamon ice cream ? but what really got me excited was the little hearts on the cake.


So can we say second season is better than the first? A lot of experimentation involved and they take inspiration from all regions of India which is great insight into the diversity of India. Definitely worth a shot.


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Carnival By Tresind | Is Season 2 better than Season 1?