Perry & BlackWelder | Why compromise on bar food?

We all love Madinat Jumeriah’s locality, we love the view of Burj Al Arab and we love the water around. Find me someone who doesn’t and I promise I will pay for their next meal.

P&B  is a casual dining concept located in Souk Madinat Jumeirah, taking inspiration from every bit of Deep South BBQ heritage to bring Dubai its first ever, original smokehouse.

P&B knows their hospitality and their staff is filled with warmth as soon as you enter the restaurant, just when you may think that the warmth may fall short , the food is compensated with all the warmth and happiness.

Trust the staff to help you decide the starters and we are so glad we did. Their cheesy potato skins were downright American and delicious. Creamy, cheesy and soft, we had no complaints with this one even a bit!

Catching a whiff of their mozzarella sticks we were so curious to taste them. At first look they were massive pieces of gooey cheese which we couldn’t wait to indulge on. There were four pieces places like a jenga maze and we obviously lost at the game, giving up on our resisting nature of pulling the sticks right when they arrived at our table.

Their philosophy is deeply connected to the Deep South  the art of roasting meat ‘low and slow’ over a smouldering . We tried their famous Mesquite brisket which was unbelievable tender and breaking under her fork. Cooked for over 22 hours, we expect nothing less.

You cannot leave this spot without gorging on their best selling wings. If you are too indecisive with the flavours, go ahead and order a platter but don’t tell us we didn’t warn you; the P&B hot flavor is fiery as hell!  Order their mocktails which come in cute cowboy shoe glasses that you cannot stop staring at!

A perfect date night spot or a chilled out place to hang out with friends. The fairy lights, the lake nearby and the view of Burj Al Arab. If it isn’t the best place to hang out in the Dubai Winters, I don’t know what is?

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Perry & BlackWelder | Why compromise on bar food?