Cheap breakfast places in Dubai under AED 20

They say one must have their breakfast like a queen/king, lunch like prince(ss) and dinner like a pauper. Which is exactly why we’ve come up with this list of wholesome breakfast places that won’t bite your pocket. Here are cheap breakfast places in Dubai under AED 20.

  1. Urban Diner

    Love eggs? Here you can have it in any style for as low as AED 12! With a moderately priced menu, you can definitely have breakfast Queen/King’s style. They also have a lotta other options to choose from.

    Location: Umm Hurair

    Healthy Fusion

    Combining the healthy with the tasty – how often do you find restaurants that serve you pocket friendly healthy options? This is one such place! You can have your masala omelette the “Indian style” or the cheese omelette for under AED 20.
    Location : Silicon Oasis

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    A fantastic restaurant serving authentic Lebanese food and Oriental as well! Best part is they are on zomato gold, so you’re in for a treat when dining in. They also offer spectacular views of the skyline.

    Location: Business Bay

    Raju Omlet

    They’ve got an eggcellent range of options and it’s all under 25! Don’t forget to pair it with their ginger chai, it’s aromatic, heavenly and all things good to make you wake up that second!

    Location: Various Outlets


    A cute Japanese bakery/restaurant serving super cute savoury & sweet items. You can pick from a savoury breakfast set to a sweet breakfast set. They’re light on the product but don’t compromise on the quality either. It’s healthy too btw!

    Location: Ghurair Center

    Rokn Restaurant

    Let’s talk about cheap comfort dishes with extraordinary flavours, you have reached the right place. Be prepared to watch the queue get longer from 8am onward on a Friday morning, for everyone, is fighting for their share of Rokn’s famous “Daal Pakwan” [AED 3] and their pungent black pepper koki [AED 4]. Along with their special chilli pickle and daal to go along with Koki, nothing really gets better than that on a Friday Morning.  Definitely one of my go-to cheap breakfast places in Dubai under AED 20!

  2. Location: Meena Bazaar, Al Fahidi

    Soda King Restaurant

    If you wish to opt for a rather “unhealthy” breakfast, why not check out this new kid on block? Tandoori, barbeque, jalepeno cheese fries [AED 3] are the reason why it is hard for me to move over the healthy side. Take your pick between frankies [AED 6 4] , Vada Pav’s [AED 4] or their special grilled sandwiches [AED 5]. Don’t forget to pair it with their variety of soda flavours. YUM! Their preference towards Amul cheese in almost everything is worth noting too!
    Location: Meena Bazaar

  3. Bharat Restaurant

    Not really sure where exactly the name comes from but popularly known for it’s budget chaat items and North Indian dishes, bharat does cheat budget breakfast in Dubai under AED 20 too! All their parathas, right from the methi [AED 5] to cocktail paratha mix [AED 6] are loved and popular among the office crowd and bachelors.
    Location: Al Fahidi

    Know more cheap breakfast places in Dubai under AED 20? Write them down in the comments and I’ll be sure to include them in this post! 🙂

    Contributed by Ray D’silva!



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Cheap breakfast places in Dubai under AED 20