Top hot chocolate spots in Dubai

Get ready for a warm and delightful cocoa experience in Dubai! Discover the city’s coziest spots serving up the best hot chocolate, where every sip is a treat of velvety goodness and pure indulgence.

Home Bakery

Indulge in a steaming mug of hot chocolate, complete with luscious Galaxy Flake chunks melting at the bottom and a bonus chocolate bar stirrer. To top it off, enjoy the blissful touch of fluffy whipped cream.

Said Dal 1923

The delightful richness of the flavor will leave you satisfied with the melting chocolate on the tip of the cup. They have 3 different chocolate options including white, dark and milk which you can accustom to your taste. Although, it is a bit on the pricey side

Godiva café

Treat yourself to Godiva’s velvety hot chocolates, offered in three delectable options: the classic chocolixir, the tempting salted caramel, or our personal favorite, the delightful red velvet. They even offer hot chocolate bombs which you can purchase from their café/shop.


This underrated drive-thru joint that operates from a villa in Mankool has the perfect balance for people who don’t like heavy hot chocolate. While their menu is limited the most famous item is the Street 33 hot chocolate.


Dubai residents hold Angelina’s decadent hot chocolate, known as L’Africain, in high regard. Its molten chocolate consistency, paired with richness, finds a perfect balance with a delightful dollop of fresh cream on top.


Despite the initial shock at the small serving size, the AED12 for the Menu Tasting session became justified after the first sip of Angelina’s hot chocolate. The super indulgent and unbelievably thick texture made it apparent why the cup size was intentionally petite—undeniably worth the price.


While they may be known for their lattes and acai’s, their hot chocolate doesn’t miss the beat, especially during winter nights. Not too rich and the perfect disutility topped up with slightly burnt marshmallows.


French hot chocolate is not for the casual chocolate dabbler, the chocolate shy, or anyone with an aversion to heavy cream. It’s made with rich, dark European chocolate. This hot chocolate recipe is for true chocolate lovers! It’s rich and creamy and will transport your taste buds to a French bistro.


Mirzam’s hot chocolate is a luxurious delight—smooth, satiny, and bespoke. Crafted by in-house chocolatiers, it features vegan-friendly single-origin chocolate melted with your preferred milk. Among the spiced options, the cinnamon hot chocolate, adorned with whipped cream and a hint of orange zest, steals the show.

Cocoa Room

Indulge in The Cocoa Room’s burnt marshmallow hot chocolate—a decadent treat featuring heaps of caramelized marshmallows, drizzles of salted caramel sauce, and a rich Valrhona chocolate base. It’s a delicious tribute to extravagance and a guaranteed January diet-breaker. Don’t just walk, run for this delightful indulgence.

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Top hot chocolate spots in Dubai