5 kid-friendly restaurants in Dubai

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Friday breakfast is something everyone craves and desires to do every weekend, especially if you have mad hatter life of a Dubai-ian. After we’ve had our boys you can only imagine what would happen if we went to a non-kid friendly place! Now we love to continue this tradition with our kids and I’m sure there are many other parents out there who have this little weekend tradition with their little ones but aren’t sure where to go.

So I thought why not put together a list of my favorite breakfast places for the season!

1. Tub Of Butter

This place is quite popular for their artistic coffees with stencil art of different celebrities and renowned personalities ( we are talking Mona Lisa, Shah Rukh Khan, Ed Sheeran, etc). Their food is also quite fresh and healthy. They have a rack full of magazines, which you can enjoy reading while sipping your coffee while you leave little ones to enjoy playing in their kid’s corner.

You can also purchase some gourmet grocery items here including exotic olive oils, barrel-aged balsamic vinegars & gourmet jars

2. Roseleaf Cafe at Dubai Garden Centre

This little café located inside Dubai Garden Centre is like a little sanctuary amidst the concrete jungle in Dubai. The kids really like going there, as they love looking at all the different types of plants and the fishes in Dubai Garden Centre. Roseleaf cafe has such an energetic and natural vibe. They have freshly baked croissants, cookies & cakes. On Fridays & Saturdays they also have Bin Kitty adoption day and every time we go there I’m so close to bringing a cat home 🙂
(They have also recently opened a new café in Emirates Hills)

3. Inn the park

This is a cute little solar powered café tucked inside Al Khazzan Park, which is opposite City Walk and also home to the well-known blue water tank.  I can’t think of a better way to spend my Friday morning sitting below the huge tree and listening to the birds chirping while the kids play on the playground. They also have a curated library from which you can borrow books to read while sipping on their amazing coffee provided by RAW. Their Turkish eggs and smashed avocado eggs are quite popular, it should be had with their homemade ginger brew.

4. Park House

If your Friday means taking the kids to the beach then Park House located at the Kite Beach is a must visit. Park House is a homegrown brand that serves healthy, home-made food in a chilled and relaxed atmosphere. Definitely one of the best places to eat at in Dubai when you go with your kids. The décor of the place will transport you to somewhere Mediterranea which will leave you feeling enchanted. Their avocado toast with poached eggs and smoothies seems to be a crowd favorite.


5. That Place

This café is the new kid on the block which is uber cute & cozy little place located in Jumeirah. This place is definitely not big enough for toddlers to be running around but the older kids would love it as they have plenty of board games that can keep you occupied as a family.

They specialize in serving only BUNS! Yes, only buns! Their menu includes breakfast buns, salads, appetizers, stuffed buns with toppings, buns with dips, and dessert buns!

And like me, if you like to be in your pajamas all day then you need to head to That Place on Tuesday’s as they offer a 10% discount to everyone who comes in their pajamas. HOW COOL IS THAT!


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karishma Thakar : Karishma is an Indian expat, born and brought up in Dubai. She is also a mum of twin boys, who keep her on her toes most of the time. She blog’s about her life with her twins and likes to inspire other moms to get back to what they were before their mom life. Being a foodie herself, she is also always on the lookout for new places to visit with her family. You can follow her journey on https://www.instagram.com/notjustamommydxb/


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5 kid-friendly restaurants in Dubai