Valentines on a shoestring : Budget-free things to do in Dubai on Valentines Day 2018

Majority of my audience that I cater to or blog for are between the age of 18-25. We all have been through college, through broke days, to being unemployed and to impressing our better half with small things cheaper thing, but of course those memories are the ones that remain with us throughout. I am not going to tell you the things to do on valentines in Dubai that will cost  you almost AED 1000 on a valentines night. Experiences that involve, dining in a cabana overlooking serene waters to holding lit up sheesha in one hand to cutting a chocolate mousse cake that would cost you 50 small black forest pastries from Pumpy’s  ( No kidding).

If you are spending this Valentines in Dubai, how about you do something different, wherein you actually create memories for you and your better half, instead for your Instagram feed ( Hey, come on, you know I am right? )

So what I can really do on a tight budget, Sachi?

  1. Ice Skating and Bowling at Al Nasr Leisureland
    It’s adventure, fun and super cheap guys! What better of spending your valentines skating around, bumping and having a few a** burns from the slippery grounds of the ice rink? It is AED 35 for two hours along with AED 10 for admission.
    Bowling : Bowl her heart out while you are at it ( haha), just for AED 25 which includes entry and one game of bowling
    affordable valentine days options in Dubai
  2. Do a food-trail of the cheap eats in Meena Bazar
    Instead of bar hopping, go eatery hopping in Meena Bazar, Dubai. If you are on a budget and love food as much as I do, Meena Bazaar is your jam! I have even done a video on some of the best eats that you can have while you are there Click here to watch it. Some of my favorite joints include filafil from Persian Cafeteria ( AED 3), Grilled Cheese Samosa Pav from Rajwa Restaurant ( AED 5) .This is creativity on a budget, She/he will be so impressed – Promise you that.
  3. A walk below Garhoud Bridge
    This is one of the most romantic and hidden gems in Dubai. You can take a stroll on a street that is right below the Garhoud Bridge. It is overlooking a huge water body emanating blue lights ( same ones you see below the garhoud bridge). You can even walk the hill all the way to the top and you are on the sidewalk of Garhoud bridge. This weather + a thrill seeking adventure, common it doesn’t get better.
    valentines day, Dubai. Below Garhoud Bridge
  4. Abra ride to the other end of Dubai
    Everyone should experience a ride in the Abra at least once. Immerse in the older parts of Dubai while you watch boats zip through the Dubai creek. You can even get down in Deira, devour a Shawarma or two at Shiraz and get back right on. Fun and budget fact: The abra ride is for only AED 1. YES! We have the waters, we have a romantic boat ride and we are doing something super budget-free. CHECK, CHECK AND CHECK!
    budget free valentines in Dubai
  5.  Drinks on Dubai : Drinks for two, spend for 1
    I know all my guy friends always crib about how it is super unfair for us girls to get free drinks almost on all days of the week, while the men have to pay for theirs. But, why not take advantage of this and take your girl on a valentine date to some of the hottest and prime spots in Dubai. There is Baxzar, W lounge, Stables, Zoco, The 44, and so many more

ALL I am saying is…

You don’t need the biggest budget to enjoy valentines day in Dubai with your loved one. All you need is creativity, the zest and a mood to have lots and lots of fun! You can make any affordable activity a date night with the tightest budget!

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Valentines on a shoestring : Budget-free things to do in Dubai on Valentines Day 2018