10 Best Manakeesh to try in Dubai!

Manakeesh is a kind of Lebanase bread and it’s absolutely delicious! There are many different spots serve some of the best manakeesh in Dubai and you will find plenty of delicious variations as well. It can sometimes be hard to choose though so here are the 10 best manakeesh to try in Dubai!

What’s the best Manakeesh in Dubai, you ask?

Manoushe Street

At Manoushe street, you can find all kinds of delicious variations for your Manakeesh. They have Akkawi cheese, Manakeesh pizzas, Za’atar and even Nutella fillings! You can try all of them until you find your favorite!


Something Baked

If you’re looking for a large portion of Manakeesh, you should go to Something Baked. They have freshly-baked Manakeesh and multiple variations to choose from. Try their honey labneh saj for example and ask for extra honey with it!

Zaatar W Zeit

At this Lebanese chain you can find all kinds of food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and simple snacks! They have the perfect fluffy manakeesh with both stuffed combinations as well as more healthy dough options. We aren’t being biased but according to us one of the best manakeesh in Dubai


When you visit Manaesho, you will find out for yourself how delicious and fresh their manakeesh is. The dough is fluffy and crispy at the same time and all of the ingredients and flavors are well-balanced!


Zaroob is a street-food eatery with all kinds of manakeesh variations. Try their garlic manakeesh or the one with spinach for example. If you’re looking for something new completely, try their pomegranate manakeesh!

On The Wood

On the Wood has both healthy as well as classical manakeesh. You can choose whether you want regular or light manakeesh and you can even go for an option with multi cereal dough! They stuff their manakeesh with plenty of cheese as well, so make sure you try it the next time you’re in Dubai.

Allo Beirut

Allo Beirut is a Lebanese joint with an amazing menu and hosts some of the best manakeesh in Dubai. Among all of their specialties, you can find delicious manakeesh as well. They have multiple variations to choose from as well, like the four cheese manakish. In this manakish, they put cheddar, kashkaval, mozzarella and akkawi.


At Mama’esh, they bake their manakeesh in a traditional oven and you can get all kinds of variations. Try their manakish with eggs and cheese for example. You can also try traditional Za’ater and Akkawi flatbread meals during your visit.

Arz Lebanon

When you visit Arz Lebanon, you will find that it’s the perfect restaurant for foodies. They have so many delicious meals on their menu that it can sometimes be hard to choose. You should definitely try their savory cheese manakeesh and make your manakish sweeter by adding some honey!

Al Mallah

At Al Mallah, they have a very extensive menu with more than 150 items to choose from! You can get all kinds of Arabic pastries here as well as the best shawarmas, mixed grills, sandwiches, falafel, fresh juices, snacks and manakish of course.

Tell me below what other comes under the best manakeesh in Dubai that we have missed out on.


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10 Best Manakeesh to try in Dubai!