8 places to eat healthy food in Dubai : My Activity List

What comes to mind when thinking of the following, The Burj Khalifa, partying like a millionaire, luxury malls and #thatcelebritylifestyle? Dubai, right? While all these are amongst the most common things the world knows about Dubai’s lifestyle, you probably don’t that Dubai boasts a variety of restaurants that serve healthy food in Dubai. Also, a lot of people have yet to discover the free-spirited, non-touristy and HEALTHY parts of Dubai that are just as authentic and modern.

Check out my “activity playlist” below:

    1. Healthy Breakfast in Old Dubai: The aroma of freshly filtered coffee and that familiar feeling of comfort is one of the best parts about South Indian restaurants in Old Dubai. While considered to be one of the healthiest cuisines, South Indian food is equally delicious with a variety for all kinds of dietary preferences. I definitely go to these South Indian Restaurants for my fill of some cheap healthy foods in Dubai. My personal choices for a good weekend healthy food ( breakfast) in Dubai would be Saravanna Bhavan or Aryaas.HealthyFoodinDubai-WhereSachi-FoodBlogger
    2. Fun Ripe Markets in Dubai : Sponsored by Ripe Organic, the Ripe [signinlocker id=”1037″]Markets held in Zabeel Park or Times Square Center are a must-visit! From activities for children to a lively shopping spree for adults, check out a Ripe Market in Dubai this weekend[/signinlocker]. The Ripe Market is a community event supporting local businesses. Visiting any of the ripe markets, you will also find stands selling local organic fruit and vegetables from the Ripe Organic Farm and other local organic farmers.  You will find other organic and healthy food items including juices and superfoods
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3.  Healthy cafe hopping in Dubai: The growing dedication towards healthy food in Dubai is so important that you can now find concept cafes all around town. Some are even an escape from your daily, go-to corporate cafes. These are our top picks that you should check out with your friends

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    • Tania’s Teahouse: Recommended to me by a friend (since I’m a tea and coffee-lover). Love avocado-based snacks? They’ve got it. Love a blend of tea and fashion (that’s too specific 😉 )? They’ve got that too! Browse through their page and menu for more! (https://www.instagram.com/taniasteahouse/)healthyfoodsindubai-TaniaTeahouse-DubaiFoodblogger
    • Lime Tree Cafe: With mouth-watering breakfasts and other meals (that are super healthy), Lime Tree Cafe is Dubai’s own local neighborhood haven. Check out their Instagram handle for eye-treats. Oh!Their carrot cake is top notch, one of the best carrot cakes I have eaten in Dubai (https://www.instagram.com/limetreecafedubai/)
    • Comptoir 102, Jumeriah: A healthy food in Dubai round-up is not complete without including comptoir 102 in it. The unique menu and ingredients will completely blow your mind. In particular their nibbles are completely out of this world, such as seaweed pesto served with a zesty guacamole and raw, homemade flaxseed crackers.It has already blown mine, did I mention my money?

  • Life n one, Jumeriah: This cafe is a wellness centre and healthy cafe and it is such a nice place to chill, it is hidden away within the residential villas in Jumeriah. They avoid using canned or processed food and most of everything on the menu is made fresh for every serve.  Their raw zuchinni noodles will push everyone to betray their non-veg side.
  • Wild and the Moon, Al Quoz : Honestly, I do find this places on the more expensive places to have healthy food in Dubai, but their choco nibbles and choco everything else is something you can gorge on guilt-free while getting that nourishment for your body! Yum.
  • Zoga Yoga Cafe : I am loving the rhymes within the name but keeping that apart, get yourself a fresh cold pressed juice after your strenuous workout and if that just won’t cut it for you try their wraps and salads! Also, grab those protein balls on your way out! They are yum!Apart from gorging on some healthy food in Dubai,  how about even take up a free fitness class. The best part about living in Dubai is that you can find so many indoor and outdoor activities that you can do by yourself or with friends. The ever-blooming love for Zen routines has opened up so many avenues to practice Yoga. What’s more is that organizations like Gulf For Good plan activities around fitness to raise awareness about physical and mental well-being. Upcoming (free) activities like Beach Yoga & Walking On Water , Yoga@thepark and should be a TO-DO on your list! While a lot of fitness activities are seasonal

The best part about all of these activities and places is that you get to spend time with your family and friends AND experience the magic of community together.


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8 places to eat healthy food in Dubai : My Activity List