Easy Recipes for your ketogenic diet

I am pretty sure you all have recently heard about the low-carb, healthy ketogenic diet that has been recently trending and very popular among people trying to lose weight while exploring the best weight loss food. It is essentially a moderate-protein and low-carb eating plan that you follow if you are on the path to losing weight.

If you are still unaware of what Keto is all about, I wrote a concise article answering What it is, How do go about it and why it is done. Read here about what all the ketogenic diet is about.

For all those of you who are following the Keto plan or plan on starting it, here are few quick delicious recipes that will keep you satisfied, on track and inspired throughout your keto journey.

Baked Zucchini fritters

These are tasty, easy to make, and a great recipe to have your veggies in a not so boring way and make for a great weight loss food which is healthy too! Simple, wholesome and finally a chance for you to get your butt to the kitchen without having to worry over how much time you would spend there. Oh! And to top it all up they are gluten-free, keto and completely follow the path of clean eating!




Two Ingredient Keto Chips

I think I found one of the best keto recipes online for lazy people. This recipe is tasty, doesn’t take much effort and is great for snacking purposes. Just by the way one of the ingredients is CHEESE!



Crispy Cheddar Cauli-Tots

In the world of Keto, Cauliflower is like what tofu is to the vegetarians, it is used for so many things and why not if that makes you a delicious snack while keeping you motivated on your keto diet journey. Instead of using potatoes for tots give it that healthy substitute of cauliflower and boom!



A two ingredient low carb jello pop

Who said you cannot eat dessert when you are on a diet? The best of this dessert is that it is keto-friendly and the dream for a dessert lover but someone who is super lazy (like me). These are creamy, sweet and best to satiate your ice-cream cravings.



Pizza rolls

Come on you need don’t to give pizza up if you are on your keto diet. The ingredients to make the pizza dough are fairly simple ( 4 ingredients only) and completely keto-friendly! Wohooo! They have cheese, pizza sauce and everything that in it that will fulfil your weekly pizza cravings!



Keep it at it and don’t lose mid-way through your ketogenic diet. If you are feeling uninspired I would also suggest thinking about buying this recipe book which features a number of great healthy weight loss food recipes.

Leave me a few comments if you know of any good articles on healthy Keto diet or some great recipes

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Easy Recipes for your ketogenic diet