Best Pakistani Restaurants you have to try in Dubai

Pakistani food is one such cuisine that is famous in Dubai and now most restaurants offer good Pakistani dishes on their menu too. This article lists 8 places to eat Pakistani food in Dubai, so you can find your favorite restaurant quickly and start exploring this new type of cuisine today!

1. Pak Liyari

If you’ve been living long enough in Dubai then you’d know why this place makes it to the top. Known for their bestselling biryani, you can choose between the mutton and chicken biryani. They also have delicious kebabs that pair beautifully with the biryani.

2. Mango People

They’ve been nominated under the list of hidden gems in Dubai and for all the right reasons. Mango People is a modern restaurant offering a range of cuisines for various paletts. Their menu includes dishes from Pakistan and Asia and they also serve gourmet burgers.

3. Ravi

Another gem tucked away in various parts of Dubai, Ravi is a famous spot popular amongst the locals and expats in the UAE. They have delicious Pakistani food, including chicken tikka, mutton Peshawari, chicken Peshawari, butter chicken and dal. Relish in some delicious food when you visit.

4. Little Lahore

A casual Pakistani restaurant located in JLT, Little Lahore serves authentic food at affordable prices. With both indoor and outdoor seating, you get to make the most of the weather and enjoy splendid views of the lake while indulging in Pakistani dishes.

5. Lal Qila

An upscale Mughlai themed restaurant, they’ve been in the UAE for more than a decade, serving Pakistani dishes in a traditional buffet setting. The place is great for your next dawaat or an intimate celebration.

6. Karachi Darbar

A crowd favorite loved by everyone in the UAE. Karachi Darbar serves a variety of Pakistani dishes including curries, biryani and BBQ. However, what stands out is their mutton kadai. You can’t leave without trying it out. And if you don’t like mutton, the chicken kadai is just as good.

7. Pak Darbar

Affordable and delicious food is what you can expect here at Pak Darbar. Whether it’s their breakfast menu or lunch/dinner, everything is flavorful and gives you value for money. What stands out most among their wide variety of dishes is their mix grill mandi. It comes in portions ideal for small and large groups. Packed with flavors, you’re definitely not gonna regret it.

8. B&B Cricket Bar

Love halwa puri? Well then this should be your go-to place! They are also known to serve the best nihari town. So what are you waiting for? Go there and thank us later!


Contributed by Ray D’silva

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Best Pakistani Restaurants you have to try in Dubai