A list of the best Lotus desserts in Dubai

Disclaimer: What you’re about to witness might be harmful for the diabetic and health conscious. But here our some of the top Lotus desserts in Dubai, don’t tell us we didn’t warn you! ?

Lot-us make peace with our eyes before reading this

I would say let’s save the best for last but in this case I can’t contain my excitement to let you know about one of the best lotus desserts in Dubai ( according to me)
The “Lotus Drama” is irresistible and for alllll good reasons! The fudge drizzled on the moist cake is literally why I am still alive ( drama is correctly used) 

Krispy Kreme
This donut comes with a lotus filling & lotus topping. You can fulfill your lotus craving with this donut, which is heavy on the palate but super light on the pocket. Priced at Aed- 6, this donut is a total steal!

Hum Yum
Dont be a crepe and order these from Hum Yum. The crunchy rigag and warm lotus, makes this like a perfect marriage. This one’s only for Aed 12/-

What do you do when your ice cream rolls? Grab it, fill it with lotus spread, add a touch of lotus biscuit and eat it! ? Catch it at Cakeaway Dubai. Priced at Aed-21.

If you like your milkshakes thicker than your thighs, this has got to be your place to go! Enjoy the views of the beach with your milkshake by your side. One can never go wrong with this combination. Also one of the favorite lotus desserts in Dubai, this one is perfect to keep you cool during the summer.

Icecream Lab 
Looking for a guilt free treat? Love a little drama in your dessert? Well then these guys have got you covered! Your ice cream is prepared in front of you and you get to witness a lot of drama as well! 😉 Find them at dxb mall and various other outlets. Price: Kids-17, Small-22, Medium- 27, Large-32

Bored of the regular lugaimat? Here at logma you can have yours with a generous amount of lotus sauce. Priced at Aed- 36 but definitely worth it!

Lotus at its best ?#LogmaLugaimat

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Sugar Factory
This one’s the lotus biscotti french toast! It’s stuffed with lotus, drenched in lotus, served with vanilla ice cream and some more lotus biscuits on top. It’s a lotus paradise
lotus desserts in dubai
Yummy in my Tummy

What happens when you combine pizza and cookie together? You get this beautiful dessert, called the Pizzokie! Its drenched in lotus, served with a  vanilla ice cream cone on the side, which is further drizzled with more lotus. What’s not to love about this? Priced at Aed 21. This can be shared by two as well (depending on appetite of course).

Melt with me ?

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Yummy in my Tummy

These guys are a lotus haven. If you’re not so much into abs(waffles), and prefer a flat stomach(unlike me), you should go in for these fluffy pancakes! Fluffy buttermilk pancakes stuffed with lotus sauce, surrounded with berries, ice cream on top, lotus crumbles & finally drenched in more lotus. Priced at Aed 84. This one’s pretty heavy, so you can share it with your friends as well. Why should you get fat alone? 😛

This article is contributed by Ray DSilva


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A list of the best Lotus desserts in Dubai