Places to Visit in Udaipur in 3 days | A marveling history

Udaipur has a romantic vibe to it unmatched by no other. Stunning temples, enchanting palaces, serene lakes and warm people, my trip to Udaipur was refreshing, fulfilling and I really cannot wait to go back. Which is why I have rounded up the best places to visit in Udaipur in 3 days.

Also, known as the “Venice of the East”, I believe whoever chose that name for Udaipur accurately thought of it. Those narrow-cobbled lanes, enthralling temples with magnificent architecture that are 200 years old, and the crisps sunsets from the rooftop restaurants is completely heartwarming and urges you to extend your trip just a day more.

Here are some of few places that I absolutely loved to check out if you are in Udaipur for a quick 72 hours. If you are a solo traveler, you may just end up visiting these places in a day or two.

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Where Should You Stay?

There are many grand and luxe accommodation options in Udaipur, but if you are solo traveller like me you should experience the hostel life. One of the best hotels in Udaipur is Bunkyard Hostel. The hostel is the perfect setting because of its affordable cost, view of Lake pichola and City place is located just 10 minutes by walk from the hostel. The owner also believes that all individuals that arrive in the hostel should be able to express them in all ways which is why you will see people even smoking at the reception or dancing away to their own tunes at 12am in the common room.

I met some great travelers who were traveling for around 6 months, you will be bestowed with stories and this strange sort of connection that you will remember for years.

I stayed in a 6-bed dorm which cost me around RS 500 per night, but you also opt for a single room that would cost you approximately RS 3000 per night.

Places to visit in Udaipur in 3 days

1) Lake Pichola

For all of you who don’t know my favorite Hindi movie ( and maybe even yours) is Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. There is a scene where Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor take a day off from their best friend’s wedding to explore Udaipur. And exactly on this day, they fall in love!!!! (SORRY I JUST CAN’T). Well, as soon as I got to Udaipur to my room , I was asked the reception boy if I wanted to come for a boat party. In the first 15 minutes of me just settling in, I decided to just wing it and said yes let’s do it.

The crystal watered lake outlined with tree-lined hills and small Arsi Villas was super duper refreshing. My hostel being nearby itself, the short walk towards to lake through cobbled streets was a relief and marveling. If you are a luxe traveler, watch out for Oberoi Udaivillas (The Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani wedding scene was shot here) that is humongous and dripping with gorgeousness and other great hotels such as Taj Villa Hotels and Leela Palace Udaipur. They are opulent, scenic and have some of the best dining views.

2) Jagdish Temple

Again, closer to Bankyard hostel, Jagdish Temple is located in the City Palace Complex. It is one of the famous touristic places to visit in Udaipur. Not for anything else, but its architecture that is drop-dead gorgeous. The architecture is Indo-Aryan styled and dating back to 200 years back. You won’t even believe but that marble has not rusted a tiny bit and it is fresh as new. After you tear away from clicking numerous pictures, sit among other pious people and for once ( even if not for religion) shut your mind and listen to those melodious tunes sung my priests. They fill your heart like no other. Please put this is in your list for places to visit in Udaipur in 3 days.

3) Monsoon Palace

One of the best places in Udaipur to visit in 3 days is Monsoon Palace. Built by the Mewar dynasty, Monsoon Palace is a hilltop palatial residence, overlooking the Fateh Sagar Lake. Monsoon Palace in Udaipur is the perfect place to watch the sunset with your loved ones. The panaromic views from here of the city of Udaipur are truly magnificent. Don’t forget to sip on a khullad coffee while you are sinking in the sunset (it is a must-try in Udaipur).


4) City Palace

One of the most iconic touristic places to visit in Udaipur without any doubt. The cute archways, massive terraces, mosaic windows and just so much colour everywhere. I mean who would have imagined actually living here?


5) Ghangaur Ghat

Traditional ghats are usually used as a way of celebrating traditional Hindu festivals. Best sunset views and should be part of your itinerary of places to visit in Udaipur in 3 days. My sunset view from the Ghat along with the view of Lake Pichola was so endearing. I loved every moment about it and loved the fact that it was such a historical treasure.



6) Badi Lake

Another scene of Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani was shot here, remember when they were having a banter over who’s life and which scenario is better on a big jeep while savouring a Dairy Milk… yeah that was here.

Badi Lake provides a nice hike place and also has enthralling scenic views.


Life isn’t meant to live through the screens, live the moment, capture it in your head and I promise you will relish it and remember it for the rest of your life. Let me know in the comments if these places to visit in Udaipur in 3 days were enough or hit me up if you want me to write another itinerary.

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Places to Visit in Udaipur in 3 days | A marveling history